LendingBlock, Creating The Best Lending Solution

As a peer-to-peer marketplace intended for lending, Lendingblock clearly isn’t the only one in the industry. However, the fact that it’s built on the Blockchain with a wide range of incredible features gives it more to desire. At the moment LendingBlock is still in its Initial Coin Offering stage. But when it’s launched in the near future, it will offer more advantages than meet the eye. Keep reading to learn more about this platform and why it’s believed to be the next generation peer-to-peer marketplace in the industry.

What is LendingBlock?
A lending platform built on the blockchain. As simple as the definition may seem, it actually offers a myriad of advantages from that fact alone. The marketplace is intended to bring lenders and borrowers together, accommodating needs to completely collateralized crypto-to-crypto loans. Despite being built on blockchain, Lendingblock is far from complicated. Quite the contrary, the developer has made it a point to ensure the mesmerizing system does not come in the expense of convenience.

Offering access through dedicated desktop and easy-to-use mobile application, it’s clear that Lendingblock is set to change the way we do things in the industry. LendingBlock is creating the financial and technical infrastructure for lending within the cryptoeconomy. Users are given the opportunity to make or take crypto-to-crypto loans with ease. Those needing a loan may also complete the process in a matter of minutes. This is undoubtedly a game-changer.

Lendingblock aims to provide an environment that is second to none. The platform gives lenders the ability to earn profits on their digital assets, and do so without having to sacrifice ownership advantages. Lenders can just stay back and relax as Lendingblock expertly matches them to borrowers. This advantage also extends to the borrowers’ side.

All it takes for the borrowers is specifying the required digita assets at the time of requesting a loan. Lendingblock then takes it upon itself to match you with lenders that match your lending needs. This ease of use also applies to other aspects as well. During the interest payment for instance. Borrowers can easily pay their regular interest all throughout the agreed loan duration. Their payments are distributed to lenders right on time, and are also able to be tracked anytime. Ensuring transparency and security.

Advantages Offered by LendingBlock
Another thing worth noting is the fact that loan can be provided to the borrower by multiple lenders. Meaning there is no hard rule on a single peer-to-peer transaction between a borrower and a lender. Lendingblock makes it possible for multiple lenders to chip in together in order to provide borrower’s single loan. This advantage ensures borrowers to find backers for their lending needs.

There are a myriad of benefits, one of them is easy collateral return and repayment distribution. Once borrowers have completed their end of term and paid off the loan, they will get their collateral while the repayment is directly distributed to the lender. All can be done swiftly and easily without a fuss! Below is a list of other advantages offered by the platform:
  • Great cross-blockchain value transfer
  • Easy portfolio and payment tracker
  • Top notch wallet integration with ease of use

Providing an incredible solution, LendingBlock quickly becomes one of the most promising ICO. Take a part in their crowd token sale or learn more about Lendingblock at http://lendingblock.com.



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