LikeCoin - Reinventing The Way Content Creators are Rewarded

When it comes to appreciation in this digitalized era, freelancers and content creators are very often rewarded with likes. While this seems to be a common phenomenon, it hurts some of the communities which have been making contribution. This issue is particularly problematic due to the nature of their contribution. These communities have the ability to produce high quality content and other related work. Ironically, instead of being rewarded with income, they are only rewarded with likes.

In order to reach a solution to this problem, LikeCoin is determined to reinvent the like. By re-aligning rewards with creativity, the company provides users with an incredible platform that enables cross-application collaboration and attributions. Featuring a completely reinvented Like button, and the unique algorithm such as the Like rank. By tracing the footprint of each concept, creators are instantly rewarded with unique mechanism referred to as Proof of Creativity.

Mission of LikeCoin
The existing internet mode does not warrant monetary rewards whatsoever to creative community. Independent freelancers and creator who have been consistently creating quality contents are undoubtedly put at a disadvantage. LikeCoin aims to disrupt this outdated model by developing a platform that allows content creators to directly monetize their content.

By giving the monetary rewards they deserve, creators will be more keen on allocating the time to create quality content. They no longer have to split their time to look for the market. With high demands for content, LikeCoin will undoubtedly create more possibilities to particular market which has yet to be tapped. Below are the integral part of LikeCoin ecosystem:
  • Creative content, which alluding to the type of material distributed on the LikeCoin stage. Each and every one of which is represented by distinctive fingerprint ID
  • Content creator, referring to individuals publishing creative content.
  • Service provider, referring to integrated web applications and their attribution protocol into the system in order to facilitate the process of creativity and rewards realignment.
  • Derivative Work, this refers to content developed as a result of original contents’ combination or modification.
  • Content Adopter, referring to creator developing derivative works.
  • Content Source, this refers to creative contents used in any of the creation of derivative works.
  • Content Origin, which referring to the original creative contents.
  • Original Creator
  • Distributed Content, which refers to creative content published on a particular service provider without any alterations beforehand.
  • Content Distributor is the platform used to distribute content.

LikeCoin’s Initial Coin Offering
Likecoin will start with a supply of 2,000,000,000 LIKE, of which 600,000,000 will be distributed to investors during the Crowdsale, 200,000,000 will be distributed for Ecosystem Development, 1,000,000,000 will be distributed for Creators and remaining 200,000,000 tokens will be reserved for Team. Likecoin team has plans to start the Crowdsale to collect the funds on May 7 until May 20, 2018.

Token Information
  • Token Name: LIKE
  • Token Protocol: ERC-20
  • ICO Period: May 07, 2018 – May 20, 2018
  • ICO price: 40,000 LIKE/ETH
  • Total Supply: 2,000,000,000 LIKE
  • For Sale: 600,000,000 LIKE
  • Hard Cap: 12,600 ETH
  • Soft Cap: 4,200 ETH
  • Currencies Accepted: ETH
Those who are interested may take part in its public sale which will start May 7, 2018. For more information, please visit

LikeCoin Team
  • Kin Ko, Product Design
  • Aludirk Wong, System Architect
  • Jacky Ko, CMO
  • Edmond Yu, Operation
  • Simon But, Growth Hacker
  • Chung Wu, Blockchain Developer
  • William Chong, Full Stack Developer
  • David Ng, Full Stack Developer
  • Miles Wong, Full Stack Developer
  • Michael Cheung, Full Stack Developer
  • Joshua Lo, Designer
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Likecoin Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #LIKE team!


  1. Brainstorming, R&D

  2. Early Believer sale

  3. Launch of LikeCoin Token, ID and

  4. Prototype of puttyimages and

  5. Launch of puttyimages

  6. Like Button launch

  7. Launch of and LikeCoin ecosystem scale up

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