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In this modern day, investment is considered as a good way to find additional income. In fact, investment is not only for them who already have big capitals. Even common people, it should not be a big deal to do that as long as they know how to manage them well. It is much better if investment is done in the field or area that you like. Of course, it is to make you encourage more in managing it so that the profits can come more easily. Well, if you love sport so much or if you have a favorite sport club, it seems that GlobaTalent is a good answer for your investment matter.

For you who still find it strange to hear GlobaTalent, it is a decentralized and transparent marketplace of athletes and clubs based on tokens. The fans can just buy them for their own investment. This way, both sides are beneficial and profitable without being afraid that it may be collapsed someday. You should not worry since there are many athletes who join this platform since they find it indeed interesting and beneficial. Who are they? Well, you can even find Luis Suarez, the FC Barcelona football player, Maurice Evans, the NBA player, Dani Clos, F1 player, and still many others here. So, it should be clear evidence that GlobaTalent is valid, trusted and reputable.

Next, how does GlobaTalent work anyway? First of all, you will find offers from a club or athlete regarding their future income. Sure, the offers are in the form of tokens in which you should buy them if you are interested in it. You may wait the movement of these tokens. Just like any other investment, it is very possible for you whether to sell or buy it by seeing its price.

The system applied here is namely Blockchain. This is not such a new idea actually but it is getting popular recently for the fame of Cryptocurrency market. Blockchain refers to peer-to-peer system but using high technology to control it. Since there is not any third party included, it tends to be beneficial for the two parties who join the transaction. Meanwhile, it is also considered more safety and secured as well since the possibility of data being hacked or stolen is simply lessened.

Based on some facts mentioned above, it is reasonable that joining Blockchain gives you so many benefits. First of all, it is surely about the profits themselves. Well, who doesn’t like gaining money in more practical way? Second, it allows everybody to join although it targets sport fans at the first time. The steps and regulations implemented are quite easy to follow even for the beginners who have never invested before. Third, due to the application of Blockchain, GlobaTalent is guaranteed to be safer and more secured than the others. Lastly, it is a very effective way to support your favorite athletes and clubs for their improvement. So, do you want to know GlobaTalent more? Check out

Globatalent Team
  • Sunil Bhardwaj, Co-Founder & CEO
  • Ferrán Martínez, Co-Founder / Strategic alliances advisor
  • Alex Preukschat, Co-Founder / Blockchain strategy
  • Iñaki Cabrera, Co-Founder / Sports & Business advisor
  • Javier Domínguez, CTO
  • David Ortega, Blockchain engineer
  • Alfonso Ríos, Computer engineer
  • Ali Hararwala, Blockchain advisor
  • Alejandro Martínez, Solidity engineer
  • Óscar López Ruiz, Blockchain engineer
  • Dušan Zvonár, Front end engineer
  • Robert Spitz, Press manager
  • Daniel Pozo, Digital marketing manager
  • Gaby Treiband, Marketing Advisor - Vice President Corporate Marketing at Mediatek.
  • Ricard Casas Gurt, Sport advisor & Investor - ACB Professional Basketball Coach.
  • Daniel Díez, Blockchain advisor - Global Head of Blockchain at UST Global.
  • Jonathan Quali, eSports Advisor - Former French national team cyberathlete (eSports).
  • Max Song, Blockchain Advisor - Cofounding member of HK Digital Assets Investment Association.
  • Gareth Lai, Asia Pacific Advisor - Intrapreneur and ex-consultant at PwC.
  • Omar Dweik, Sports Advisor - Former captain Jordanian for all National Team.
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Globatalent Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #GBT team!


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