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Cryptocurrency investment is something common in the modern day. Yes, along with the development of digital era, people tend to like to keep their money that way rather than cash. More than that, the value is also really good and even profitable for the future. Of course, it is a good idea if you are also one of those people who prefer Cryptocurrency investment to the others. However, make sure to choose the best platform that can acommodate this activity properly. Why? Despite being more profitable, your money is guaranteed to be safe as well as there are also additional services given.

Slate Entertainment Platform
It is more recommended then to use a Cryptocurrency platform that is also focused on any other fields. One of them is Slate. Slate is an entertainment platform that enables to give high quality content for its customers and opportunity to join the business and investment. The profit is guaranteed since the fund in this environment is moved effectively. Besides, there are still many services available including how you can enjoy the products by Slate itself. It is the entertainment programs like movies, music, and many more.

All the good things about investing in Slate are because of the Blockchain implementation. Blockchain is a platform for transaction with peer-to-peer concept. Although it is basically an adaptation of traditional method, it is considered good to give smart solutions towards many problems recently. Yes, by removing the intermediary, transactions tend to be faster, safer, and also cheaper. More than that, by applying the high technology like in Slate, all the transactions are done in better way. The data are kept properly but they are also transparent to avoid any scam or fraud.

Good Entertainment Solution
Slate is not only about a medium for investment, it's established also to give solutions in some problems often experienced by movies viewers. As you know, it is common for us to be banned when wanting to watch a certain movie for many reasons. It is probably due to the content that is considered inappropriate. Meanwhile, it can also be due to the regulation given by the company and government so that a certain film cannot be published in a particular country of area.

Whatever the business behinds this, it is of course the customers are sides that are disadvantageous. Slate, on the other hand, has a perspective that the customers are the only side who can justify whether a film is worth to watch or not. Then, they also must decide whether they want to watch the movie or not. For this perspective, Slate enables all people to watch any movie and other entertainment programs without intervention outside.

The content distributed via Slate is also in high quality. It provides videos with high definition and clear sound. It is not difficult to enjoy the new movies that have been released. Interestingly, for all the easiness, you don’t need to spend so many budgets for this. Yes, Slate only requires you low cost for this. If you want to join Slate, you can go to at first.

Slate Team
  • Michael Moyal, co-founder
  • Marino Kulas, co-founder
  • Cody Hackman, co-founder
  • Jason Squire, co-founder & CTO of Soundpays
  • Gediminas Ausra, Software Engineer (Kaunas, Lithuania)
  • Robert Morton, Founder of OPTiFi Inc.
  • Kal Gabriel, Managing Director at Polymath / Matador Advisory
  • Ian Campbell, President/CEO at iCONECT
  • Jose Maradiaga, VP Operations - Film & Blockchain
  • Nate Bolotin, co-founder of Los Angeles based XYZ Film
  • Jessica Labi, President, Hubble Entertainment
  • Jon Karas, Partner and Co-Founder at Strawberry Pictures Global Media
  • Carrie Wolfe, President at Carrie Wolfe Productions
  • Ryuhei Kitamura, Director and writer
  • Kevin Shea, Chair at ChezShea communications
  • Glenn Wong, Senior Producer at Spin Master Ltd.
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Slate Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #SLX team!


  1. Initial Setup/Testing and R&D

    - Develop Cross-Platform Clien-Side Full Nodes
    - Prop-Up Wallet Staking Network
    - Coins Specific Documentation

  2. Initial Token Launch

    - Sign Genesis Block
    - Issue Coins
    - Encourage Staking
    - Basic Masternode Launch
    - Deploy Testnet

  3. Content Delivery Network Test & Launch

    - Upgrade/fork Masternode Requirements
    - Finalize Trust Node Setup
    - Test& Optimize Content Delivery
    - Spin Up Trust Nodes
    - DCDN Specific Documentation

  4. Content Upload & Payment Gateways

    - Develop Portal for Premium Content Creators to Upload Content
    - Develop Payment Gateway for Consumers

  5. Client Streaming & Web/Mobile/Full Node Apps

    - Release Version 2 of Full Node Local Client (to include streaming & seeding)
    - Develop & Release Web Applications
    - Develop & Release Mobile Application

  6. Main Launch

    - Launch Binge Premium Content Services to Mass Market on SlateChain
    - Update/fork for addition of Token Code
    - Test Tokenization of Ticket Systems

  7. Extra Features & Services

    - Develop Payment Gateway for Physical Locations (Cinema etc.)
    - Launch On-Chain Decentralized Ticketing

  8. Optimizing/Monitoring & Handover

    - Monitor & Optimize Content Delivery Network
    - Spin Down Trust Nodes when appropriate

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