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Living in this digitalized era comes with its own perks, internet has certainly brought the communities together. In the early days, it may have been used strictly for researchers and military. However, it has changed in more ways than one. brought them together in several ways which may not be possible back in the day. This technology has made it possible for users to communicate with family and friends across the globe easily and affordably.

With the rise of internet, the peer-to-peer networks were quickly developed allowing users to directly share information without third-party involvement. This natural evolution was then followed with the invention of cryptocurrencies, started with Bitcoin. These cryptocurrencies allow users to exchange value without the need of assistance from third-party institutions or intermediaries.

What is TipBlockchain?
As a blockchain-based ecosystem, TIP aims to promote the use of cryptocurrencies and the use of blockchain technology to the public. The platform will connect users across existing peer-to-peer networks to merchant providing services and goods. To facilitate transactions on the platform, TIP also adopts cryptocurrency as its payment solution.

The goal is none other than to foster widespread Cryptocurrency usage across consumers and merchants. This also includes ordinary customers who would like more practical alternative. The difference, however, lies in the fact that TIP does not require a lengthy and complicated method to register. Yes, all it requires is for businesses and users to register. Gone are the days where you must put a lot of effort. No need to process crypto addresses, and other sorts of technology like QR codes.

Once users are on the system, they may search or discover other profiles without having to conduct any transactions when it’s required. The process of transferring fund will not only be swift and straightforward, but also user-friendly.

Features Offered by The Platform
There are quite a few features offered by the platform, some of the followings are the features you will find in the platform:
  • Smart address is in a reference to where you may send your TIP token to merchant or friends as a payment solution.
  • Point of sale system, as a solution offered by Merchants to enable the acceptance of crypto payment between merchants and customers.
  • Transaction metadata, is the term used for each transaction carrying arbitrary data which giving information regarding identity, payment memos, and receipts.
  • Search and Discovery option is in reference to all of the TIP data and profiles which have been indexed to enable users looking for other users or businesses or using the platform’s searching options.
  • Electronic wallet is available for both smartphone and desktop users to connect to the TIP network in order to conduct transactions anywhere they want.
  • Instant Messenger is the platform’s own peer-to-peer messenger which can be used to connect and send TIP tokens between users.

Convenience of having TIP tokens on the go, ability to socialize with others through its own messenger, and provided with full transparency and secure payment mode are among few of its advantages. To learn more on its advantages, visit https://tipblockchain.io.

TIP Team
  • John Warmann, Founder and CEO
  • Garlam Won, Chief Strategist
  • Walter Pareja, Head of Information Security
  • Carolyn Jiang, Community Manager
  • Supul Amarookan, Product Manager
  • Hassan Qureshi, Head of UX Design
  • Victor Guedes, Full Stack Developer
  • Yeonsuk Kim, UX/UI Design Intern
  • Ahmad Dewanto Choirul Huda, Campaign Manager
  • Jasper Hellman, Marketing Advisor
  • Benoît Morelli, Chief Advisor
  • Carl Nunez, Investment Advisor
  • David Sabo, Token Advisor
  • Matthew Burgoyne, Legal Advisor
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: TIP Blockchain Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #TIP team!


  1. Inception

    After research into the usability of cryptocurrencies, the Tip Blockchain team conceived the idea of discovery on the blockchain and its many applications as the catalyst for mass user adaption. An idea was born!

  2. Development of Tip App Prototypes

    The team began working on creating functional prototypes to prove the viability of our platform.

  3. TIP Token Distribution Begins

    Tip will be holding a token sale as well as bounty programs to distribute our tokens to our community. The seed round will run for 15 days, followed by a 1-week presale, and 4-week crowdsale.

    Wallet and Messaging App Private Beta

    Members of the Tip community can sign up to check out the platform. Users will be able to find people by username and send TIP via instant messages.

  4. Wallet and Messaging App Public Beta

    We will open up beta testing so that more users can get a hands-on experience of using our revolutionary crypto wallet and instant messaging app.

  5. Instant Messaging Wallet App Release

    After months of extensive development and testing, the Kasakasa crypto wallet and the instant messaging app will be ready for primetime. Discover users and businesses on the platform, and send crypto using friendly usenames.

  6. Closed Beta of Point of Sale System

    Development and consultation with our business partners culminates in opening up our platform to select businesses, so they can start using the Sika point of sale system to accept crypto payments.

  7. Tip Blockchain Testnet Launch

    The messaging and point of sale applications switch over to using the Tip Blockchain testnet. Beta testing will be open the public to try out our new 3rd gen blockchain.

  8. Release of Sika Point of Sale System

    Merchants all over the world will be able to easily integrate Tip crypto payments into their existing payment flow.

  9. Launch of Tip Network Main net

    The discovery enabled Tip Network chain goes live. Sika and Kasakasa will be ported over to using the Tip main net and data migrated to IPFS. ERC-20 token will be swapped for main net tokens at 1-to1 rate.

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