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The ecommerce market’s size is getting bigger and bigger. Statista reported that e – marketing will enormously grow up to more than $ 4.4 million in 2021. Along with the advanced of current blockchain technology, it will be a big opportunity for those who involve in the online marketing to grow their business. Rewards Token comes with interesting platform to offer. Get to know more about the token company here.

About Rewards Token
All this time, most companies are seeking ways to find the best system so that they can give rewards for customers and those who contribute in the growth of their businesses. But, people who want to implement reward system in their business often face challenges. The problems they face are caused by some factors which include the refusal of consumers to contribute as often shown by companies with unredeemed points. Another factor to contribute in the problem is the increase of the financial liability in the companies with no redeemed points. The growth of consumers’ privacy and the rise of administrative as well as management costs also cause the problem often faced by merchants.

With the smart platforms offered by Rewards Token, this problem is no longer a big deal anymore. is a token company with advanced online marketplace system especially designed to provide rewards through loyalty programs. The rewards given are especially aimed to provide clear impact in multiple areas can be found in the loyalty system existed. The online marketplace consists of some elements include sellers, shoppers, coupons, discounts, contests, and products. By using the smart platforms obtained by the company, it will be possible for the consumers, in this case is shoppers to redeem the tokens they have collected before anywhere in the company’s ecosystem. This way, those who get involved in the company’s ecosystem will get wide access to any product and tickets available before they are put in the list of ICO to be sold to public. Both the merchants and shoppers will get benefits upon their contribution in the company’s system.

Solutions Offered by Rewards Token
To solve the problems often faced in implementing rewarding system, Rewards Token comes with great solutions to offer. The token company comes with smart platforms which not only beneficial for the merchants and their customers but also all of them who contribute in the company’s ecosystem. The solutions offered by the token company are:
  • The platform offered uses crypto currencies and blockchain to give rewards by a beneficial ecosystem which is established within the Rewards Token.
  • The platform is also especially designed to solve the problems often exist in applying rewarding system business models of loyalty programs.
  • The smart platform offered by the Rewards Token also obtain en ecosystem in which the clients can realize right value of the currency used.
  • The ecosystem established within the RWRD makes it possible for the company to provide transparent system of market value for the tokens available.
  • The platform provided also enables the users to shop both in – store and via online. After that the customers will automatically get rewards that they can use for various purposes such as purchasing gift cards or getting cash back.
  • The blockchain technology applied will also makes it possible for the industry’s revivals which are broken by restrictions and redemption options that decrease the freedom of the customers and merchants.
  • The developers of the platform also put the powers on the customers’ hands will allow the company to not only provide the clients with richer and better experiences but also global reach and clear value.
  • Interestingly, the token available by the company can also be converted into cash. In this way, the customers that will redeem the tokens will not be restricted by point restrictions, blackout periods, and times for peak payments.
  • The increasing popularity of the loyalty programs offered by the Rewards Token will allow the more token values with wide and exclusive accesses to product releases, discounts, and contests.

The Benefits of Joining Rewards Token
There will be a lot of benefits that the merchants and customers can get by joining Rewards Token. The company obtains businesses with the capability to offer loyalty and rewarding programs for larger scale of consumer engagement. The blockhain technology applied in the RWRD also makes it possible for the platforms offered to gain easier management which comes with cheaper costs.

Not only that, the platform used by the company also enables the users to get their own loyalty points from merchants spread all over the world. Moreover, the tokens provided can be traded either for fiat or crypto currency. In addition, the token holders will also get opportunity to vote on proposals so they can get special bonuses or join in promotion programs. In this RWRD’s ecosystem, all businesses both in big or small scale can offer their customers with rewards program that is similar to the one often given by big companies. Interestingly, the also provides a lot of tokens that can be used for various charitable purposes by the community.

The ICO, Account Structure and Distribution of Rewards Token
The blockchain technology used by the Rewards Token consists two main accounts, they are token allocation account and consumer token account. In the blockchain technology used, the smart platform provided by the company will send a request for token redemption to get approve from the smart contract. Total number of coins that can be created will reach up to one billion. Meanwhile, the coin that will be made and which are available via token sale reaches 400 million.

Some of the most famous currencies exist in ICO list include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and Ether which can be received by the customers during the period of sale. All of the tokens provided will be distributed according to this structure: fundraiser token distribution (40%), community voting (20%), team members and founders (16%), promotions and activity bonus (16%), advisors (5%), and bounty and referrals (3%). According to the distribution, all who get involved in the ecosystem will get benefits.

Rewards Token Team
  • Todd Rowan, CEO & Co-Founder
  • Linda Butcher, CBDO
  • Michael Shepherd, VP of Innovation
  • Reuben Godfrey, European Operations Manager
  • Derrick Moore, Director of Finance
  • Pramod Kumar, Full Stack Developer
  • Humdan Bakhshi, Blockchain Developer
  • James Pledger, Graphic Designer
  • Marvin Wu, Systems Architect
  • Tommy Estrada, Digital Content
  • Felicia Marquez, Digital & Marketing Strategist
  • Andriy Zinchuk, Krypton Capital
  • Bob McDermand, Crypto Investor & Entrepreneur
  • Denis O’Neil, Coordinator
  • Dominik Zynis, Wings
  • Frideric Prandecki, Bob’s Repair
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Rewards Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #RWRD team!

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