Tokpie – Solution for Easy Cryptocurrency Trade

With the blockchain technology developing very fast in the last few years, more and more eyes are on this advanced exchange and investment solution. Today, world has another blockchain-based exchange solution with unique platform and features, TOKPIE.

TOKPIE offers fiat and swap exchange. TOKPIE represents itself as unique and advanced peer-to-peer exchange that allows anyone to sell and buy crypto assets from anywhere for the cryptocurrency and fiat money. Every transaction is made sure to be efficient, safe and through the real time auctions. This way, everyone involved in the transaction is offered with the best price and free of charge.

Here is another great feature, TOKPIE allows any kinds of payment method. Given with all these great features, it will be possibly easy for the traders to have unlimited scalability regardless of their skill levels, either beginner or professional.

TOKPIE Platform
The platform is one main element of TOKPIE which makes the TOKPIE community simply unique and different to other community. It supports price charting, real time auctions, price alert, peer to peer exchange and other sophisticated features that are not available within other traditional peer to peer exchanges. By sticking to the principle of tradable instrument, there are some features that the TOKPIE can provide such as:
  1. Peer to peer decentralized lending
  2. Crypto futures
  3. Crypto index funds
  4. Crypto options
  5. Crypto indexes
  6. Infrastructure for token listings and sales by the 3rd party
  7. Books of full dark pool order
  8. Books of dark pool order
  9. Crypto fiat trades with B2B order books
  10. Analysis of cross exchange spread trade for the brokerage
Here comes the important part. The TOKPIE token number to be distributed is strictly limited. Following the end of public sale, there will be no additional token. The type of the token is compliant with ERC20 and Ethereum blockchain. ETH or Ether will be the acceptable currencies and the limit for token distribution is 100 Token.

TOKPIE Advantages
Supported by the unique TOKPIE platform, TOKPIE is able to provide a number of delightful advantages for all the clients and parties.
  • Efficiency and Transparent Prices
    All users are allowed to directly sell and buy cryptocurrency with other users. Yet, every transaction is not a common one. It is a unique one because it allows the users to bargain on the cryptocurrency price through real time auctions that simultaneously involve the two sides. As a result, the users can get fiat coins. It is completely different to other P2P exchange that has limited functionality.
  • No Fees
    When other P2P exchange charges fees, the TOKPIE doesn’t charge any fees at all as long as the transaction involves less than 100.000USD per month. Only the high volume traders are charged with fees. And, there is no percentage commission that TOKPIE requests as well.

Users who TOKPIE definitely can capture the perfect market conditions thanks to all the sophisticated features including price charting, spread analysis, market screener, notification tools, watchlist and price alerts.

  • Vasilii Silin, CEO/Co-founder
  • Oleg Kovalev, CTO/Co-founder
  • Andrey Pak, CTO/Co-founder
  • Ekaterina Diukareva, CSO/Co-founder
  • Firmansyah Dolot, Branding and WEB animation
  • Vina Kharaz, Social media and project management
  • Alexey Potapov, Social media and project management
  • Ruth Doris, Editor and content writing
  • Jillian Godsil, Advisor. Editor and content writing
  • Simon Cocking, Business mentor and advisor
  • Morgan Pierce, Advisor. Digital Wealth Coach
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Tokpie Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #TKP team!


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