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In this modern day, online transaction is not a new thing. Yes, almost all people may have experienced in doing it by the fact that online stores also spread in the internet. Unfortunately, this online method leads on some new methods of crimes as well. There are many cases of fraud and scam and it must be disturbing enough for people who do the transaction this way. If there is a platform that can prevent you from being such victim, it must be really helpful anyway.

To give solutions for any scam problems in online transaction, here is now MyShield. MyShield is a decentralized platform that seeks to alert users whenever they reach a phishing website, an online counterfeit sale, and other types of online scams. it helps the customers in almost all activities done with internet as the medium. It is no matter whether you are the products and services providers or the customers; MyShield comes to protect your money and data.

Benefits of Using MyShield
There are some benefits of using MyShield as the platform for online transaction. First, it has been mentioned above and the main reason why this platform is developed. It protects you from any cyber crimes may be experienced during the transaction. It is whether the fraud that causes big unfortunates or simply scams that disturbs the internet users. Other problems like data theft and leakage can also be prevented by using MyShield.

Next, the way to use it is really easy. You can just simply download and install the platform to enjoy all of the features given. Besides, it is possible also to gain profits in the token sales conducted by this company. In other words, there are multiple profits to be found aside from protecting your transaction here. Sure, it is because you can also gain more money via MyShield.

MyShield works with great and new artificial intelligence and crowd wisdom. It is proven to protect the transaction real time and constantly. You don’t need to set it up every time the transaction will be conducted. Just by doing it firstly in the beginning, it guarantees to protect you as long as the platform is available in your devices.

The good performance of MyShield is also due to the application of a decentralized system or platform, it is known also as Blockchain. Blockchain is actually not a new system but it is developed very well recently to support the activities of internet users. Not only is it guaranteeing your transaction to be much more secured, this system is also really transparent particularly for the parties involved. Besides, it can also lessen your spending since there is no commission for the third party. For all the benefits, it is reasonable if Blockchain is really popular. As it is applied on the MyShield, there are multiple benefits for the users.

The token sales are opened for every transaction within MyShield environment. The token is used in some ways including to report the scams, the premium subscriptions, bounties, and to guarantee the programs offered. For further information, you can go to

Token Details
The MyShield token is called MSLD. The ICO has been started on May 18, 2018, the token runs on Ethereum blockchain and can be stored in any wallet that supports standard ERC-20 coins.
MyShield will start with a supply of 1,000,000,000 MSLD, of which 400,000,000 will be distributed to investors during the Crowdsale, 300,000,000 will be distributed for future operations, 50,000,000 tokens will be Guarantee, 45,000,000 for Reporting bounty, 5,000,000 for Campaign bounty and remaining 200,000,000 tokens will be reserved for Founders, team and shareholders.

  • Token Name: MyShield
  • Token Ticker: MSLD
  • Token Protocol: Ethereum ERC-20
  • Token Price: $0.11 (no bonuses)
  • Payment Accepted: ETH
  • Total Supply : 1,000,000,000 MSLD

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More detail about MyShiled crowdsale, please check Official Website and subscribed on Bitcointalk.

MyShield Team
  • Yoav Keren, CEO
  • Yuval Zantkeren, Co-CEO and CTO
  • Itai Galmor, VP Marketing & Sales
  • David Fridman, Chief Strategy Officer
  • Nimrod Lehavi, Co-founder and CEO at Simplex
  • Prof. Subbiah, The Founder, Director & Chairman, of
  • Shalom Passy, Managing Partner at AfterDox & Senior Consultant for Strategy & Organizational Transformation
  • Uzi Moskovitch, The Vice President of the Missile Systems division at IAI
  • Robert Cohen, Managing Partner at Benson Oak Ventures
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: MyShield Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #MSLD team!


  1. BrandShield Foundation

  2. BrandShield SaaS beta launched

  3. BrandShield launches production version

  4. BrandShield launches Marketplaces Module

  5. BrandShield launches Social Media Module

  6. MyShield concept developed and patented

  7. BrandShield anti-phising offering for crypto launched

  8. MyShield Private Sale Launch

  9. Token Sale

  10. Launch of user application - beta

  11. Additional implementation - Chrome Extension

  12. SDK to wallets

  13. Expansion from crypto anti-scams to general ecommerce anti-scams

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