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Credit card and debit card maybe is the common digital payment method that most people used these days. It’s easy to use. Almost all merchant in all over the world accept it. However, if we see it from the future technology perspective, we can say that this transaction system isn’t that effective. For example, if you have cryptocurrency, you can’t use it for this purpose. This is also the reason, why Kurecoin project was created.

What is Kurecoin?
Kurecoin, in simplest way, is the environment where you can exchange, trade and use your cryptocurrency for transaction. And, in order to make it useful for everyday activities, the Kurecoin project also gives their user the debit-card like card. It’s called KuroPAY card. With this card, you can use it for paying transaction anywhere.

Basically, this project is the solution for you who have collected lot of cryptocurrency, but you don’t know how to use it effectively. With this project, you can use that digital fund for transaction, easily. The other interesting thing about Kurecoin project is what you will invest your money to.

Kurecoin was planned to be the financial solution for many countries in Africa. With the increasing demand of digital payment system as well as financial support for many businesses in Africa, Kurecoin team has idea to provide help by creating an environment where people can easily invest their money for promising project in Africa. With that, the financial problem in Africa also can be solved. More than that, with Blockchain technology, all of these efforts can be done with lower budget than the current system. Therefore, we can expect that it will bring good result. With that in mind, we believe that this project is worth to try. You can invest, make profit, get the best payment system for all transaction, and the most important thing, helping others or charity purpose.

The Advantages of Kurecoin
The Proof of Stake that is used in Kurecoin will give you best protection when you do the transaction in its environment. So, you will be freed from scam and such. Then, with the target to get million users in the end of 2018, we can say that this will become one of the best systems you can get. As we all know, Blockchain technology is the community-based system. So, with more users that use it and contribute to this environment, the Kurecoin will become much better.

The KuroPAY card can be used in all merchant and in all over the world. More than that, the token and system also can be used in multiple platforms, which make you easily use your cryptocurrency in many different environments.

The Kurecoin token is called KRC. You can get it from ICO event. The good thing about buying this token in this event is you will get dividend and profit, because you are invested your money in the early project. The token is what you need to do many activities in Kurecoin project environment.

Kurecoin Team
  • ABIKURE TEGA, Co-founder & CEO
  • IJOMONE M.K, Co-founder & Chief strategist
  • MATHEW ADEGBITE, Co-founder & CTO
  • JAY MOORE, Technical Partner/Advisor
  • EMEKA NDUKWE, Legal Advisor
  • MICHAEL HOLDMANN, Business Development Partner
  • KEVIN JOHNSON, Chief Architect Partner/Advisor
  • RONALD AAI, Technology Partner/Advisor
  • MICHAEL SINCLAIR, Marketing Officer Partner/Advisor
  • DAVID BEBERMAN, Technical Partner/Advisor
  • LOUIS IDEHEN, Blockchain Expert
  • DENNIS OSEYI, Social Media Expert
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Kurecoin Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #KRC team!


  1. Registration and establishment of kurefund as the venture capitalist on kurecoin

  2. Development of kurecoinhub

  3. Registration of ERC-20 Token

  4. Pre-ICO

  5. Launch of the bank v1.0

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