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Investment is not a new thing. It has been done by people from so many years ago to improve their income. In this digital era, the options for investment are more various. It includes Cryptocurrency investment in which your money is converted to the digital currency. The value of Cryptocurrency can be higher or lower. It is just how accurate you are in predicting its movement so that the profits can just come.

For the popularity of Cryptocurrency, it is reasonable if there are so many platforms or companies that provide such services. However, not all of them are trusted and able to give you many benefits. it is more than just enough to let you be more careful in choosing the company. Paygine is one of the most recommended platforms recently. What is Paygine? Here is the explanation.

About Paygine
Bank and banking system must be familiar enough for all people nowadays. It is more than just a place to save the money but also do any transaction. Undeniably, we cannot underestimate the role of bank since it tends to make out activities much easier. However, bank is also functioned as the third party or intermediary for the transaction. In some cases, it is not really profitable for the customers since the commission needs to be spent for them.

Paygine comes as the alternative of a bank. Paygine is an open financial platform designed to operate within its own proprietary banking structure and designed to serve FinTech and crypto-business needs in areas of money remittance, cryptocurrency exchange, and payment for “real” goods and services under White Label solution. With the similar system and ways of work, it gives you more profits in many ways. Although it is designed to look like a bank in general, this platform is mainly focused in the Crypto business. It eases you more in any transaction using Cryptocurrency as well as guarantees your activities to be much safer and more secured.

The products available here are able to be used under your or your brand name. It is no matter whether your business is small or big. It is basically related to a way to gain more customers.

Blockchain Application
Talking about business with Cryptocurrency as the means of transaction, it cannot be separated from the implementation of Blockchain implementation. Blockchain is another name of decentralized system. In contrast with banking main system in which all the data are kept by it, in this system, everybody has a right to access them. Sure, it is particularly for the parties involved.

Besides, without any role from the third party as the medium just like the conventional bank, the data tend to be safe but also transparent at once. You have more chances to access them but not with changing them. More than that, you are also not required to spend money for the commission for the third party.

It is proven that Blockchain has given so many benefits for its users. It is also claimed to be more practical and beneficial. In other words, the application of Blockchain in Paygine is able to give you multiple benefits.

Paygine provides token sales for you who are interested to invest your money here. The token to buy here is namely PGC with ratio of 1 PGC equals 1 USD. If you want to join it, be sure to obtain more information in

Paygine Team
  • Kirill Radchenko, CEO, Best2Pay and cofounder of Pay Engine Limited
  • Michael Luposhtyan, Senior Vice President, Best2Pay and cofounder of Pay Engine Limited
  • Maxim Neshcheret, Business Development Director, Best2Pay Singapore
  • Raniya Luposhtyan, CFO, Best2Pay, US, and cofounder of Pay Engine Limited
  • Alexander Petrov, CTO, Best2Pay Russia
  • Vitaly Furmanov, Senior Vice President, Best2Pay
  • Michael Vehorev, Developer, Best2Pay
  • Vadim Buneev, Developer, Best2Pay
  • Gary J Ross, Partner, Ross & Shulga PLLC
  • Arina Shulga, Partner, Ross & Shulga PLLC
  • Azat Nugumanov, Partner
  • Anastasia Klimenko, Vice President
  • Djibril Diallo, Vice-President, TransferTo
  • Byanmunkh Volodya, Director, «Truly Digital Bank
  • Salah Abci, Partner, Grant Thornton
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Paygine Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #PGC team!


  1. Establishment

    - Project start
    - Team formation
    - Choice of technology and system architecture design
    - Start of platform development

  2. Development

    - Development of the platform
    - PCI DSS Level 1 certification*
    - VISA and MasterCard registration
    - Introduction of first services to market
    - First sales of online loan repayment, merchant acquiring, card2card transfer

  3. Archievements

    - Start of active sales
    - In cooperation with VISA and MasterCard, new services are developed
    and introduced to market
    - Go-live with our first large retail bank

  4. Accomplishment

    - Advanced service supplier for numerous banks
    - Turnover as of October 2017 - more than US $115 million per month
    - Portfolio of serviced loans is over US$ 18 billion
    - Launch of unique peer-to-peer platform

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