Santiment Opens its Unique Crypto Data Analytics Platform to All Data Nerds

The world’s leading developer of cryptocurrency data aggregation and analysis infrastructure has opened its platform to data scientists, algorithmic and quant traders, and AI specialists

Santiment, one of the world’s leading data aggregation and analysis companies, has released SANbase, a unique next-generation platform that allows data scientists, financial analysts and traders at all levels can leverage to derive meaningful insights from cryptocurrency market data. By creating an infrastructure that makes the vast and ever-growing amounts of market data more accessible to decision makers and analysts, Santiment is on track to become the "Bloomberg of the crypto market." It’s objective feed of market data, ground-breaking investor sentiment analysis, and blockchain developer activity currently leads the industry.

The SANbase platform integrates a range of valuable inputs from a wide range of sources to provide a detailed view of crypto market dynamics. Some of this data is unique to SANbase, such as the "token aging velocity" metric. Other valuable metrics include on-chain data as well as information sourced from live market data feeds, media, crypto asset developers, data professionals, the open source community, and trading community. Importantly, SANbase also already includes data on all Ethereum blockchain based or "ERC-20" assets. This wealth of data has allowed Santiment to spearhead the development of curated real-time data resources at the absolute leading-edge of the digital assets sector.

Santiment has now announced an open invitation to all data nerds - including academic researchers, algorithmic and quant trading analysts, and AI specialists - to engage with its SANbase open source platform with the goal of creating data insights from the cryptocurrency market. An open API just release will now allow users to plug directly into the big data analytics platform.

SanBase is the public interface, where a range of valuable data is shared with users, including daily active addresses, token velocity/aging, github activity and more. All of the metrics are plotted on the price chart to provide a better understanding of their impact. Importantly, Santiment now has data for all ERC-20 tokens, which is unique in the crypto space. Data researchers can use the APIs and access to this data and a number of other metrics. Economic rewards are also planned to incentivise data science and experts who make meaningful contributions that help streamline the aggregation and analysis of vast datasets.

Maksim Balashevich, Founder & CEO of Santiment
Just imagine if we had been able to harness the data to create mathematical or algorithmic trading, or prediction models during the emergence of the silk road, industrial revolution, or assembly line.
We have this opportunity right now, in real time, with the rise of the cryptocurrency, blockchain assets, and new token economies.

Santiment is the premier cryptocurrency and blockchain asset data feed and analysis resource for traders at all levels. Its target users range from institutional funds, to early adopter whales, all the way through to "mom and pop" retail traders.  

The nascent cryptocurrency market remains driven by market sentiment and is characterised by asymmetric information, poor liquidity and extremely volatility. This is a perfect storm for scammers, organized pump and dump groups, front-runners, wash traders and other market manipulators seeking to game the system by controlling narratives around available data.

To counter this, Santiment offers an open source network of data for cryptocurrency traders, which is curated by expert data researchers and analysts. It also openly invites data science professionals and the larger open source community to contribute to the ongoing development of its growing network. By decentralizing access to valuable and credible information to the market as a whole, Santiment will simultaneously disarm scammers spreading FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt), "pumpers and dumpers", and paid shills from controlling the narrative. The dissemination of relevant data to facilitate a better understanding of market behaviour, will be an effective counter to cryptocurrency bad actors seeking to manipulate digital asset prices by leveraging market sentiment.

Information on the network will be vetted by data experts and professional analysts to generate highest quality crypto-asset focused market research, customised to a wide gamut of different model-based trading methodologies, including algorithmic, AI-based, and quant trading.

Santiment will also be working with blockchain developers and the thriving cryptocurrency open source community in a similar invitation for contributions, including integration of API feeds of large blockchain/cryptocurrency specific data sets. This will further broaden the data available on the network for participating data science professionals to play with.

On 11 June, the CEO of Santiment, Maksim Balashevich was key speaker at a meetup event aimed at engaging with leading data scientists, finance/fintech pioneers, machine learning specialists, managers of family offices, and crypto enthusiasts. With nearly 200 attendees, the event focused on work being done by Santiment to create a credible framework for cryptocurrency analysis and valuation methodologies. In response to overwhelming interest generated at the event, Santiment is planning a follow-up hackathon for the data analysts in attendance in September. It is expected that their engagement with the SANbase platform will help identify greater opportunities for understanding and predicting digital asset markets.

Data science professionals interested in the emerging crypto markets, or analysts from established traditional financial markets looking to pivot into crypto, are invited to participate. This represents a once in a lifetime opportunity to further research by utilizing a next-generation blockchain-based data aggregation and analysis solution for a new and rapidly growing asset class.

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