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While the online auction system has already been available for long, this is the first time I have heard that there is a watches and jewellery auction service available in the world. Sure those two items are the two items that get auctioned the most, but who thought that you can auction those two through online means? Auctioning those two items using the internet is pretty dangerous. It is highly susceptible to fraudulent actions and if the auctioneer is indeed a fraud, it will cost you dearly (Jewelleries and watches are usually very expensive).

Fortunately for you guys who are interested in joining a jewellery and watches auction online, there is a nice and simple platform that you can use: Aurum Services.

Why Aurum is Needed?
Aurum Services is service centers, online marketplace for buying and selling jewelry and watches. Aurum is needed because of three major reasons: as a place where buyers can find high quality watches and jewelleries, as a place where sellers can sell their jewelleries with ease and comfort, and as a place where you can have your watches and jewelleries.

When we are talking about the online, frauds and many unsavoury characters are everywhere. This is one of the reasons why buying yourself watches and jewelleries through online means a hard thing to achieve. There is a reason why jewellery stores still got a physical presence in malls or any other places, and an unsecure online trading platform is one of them. What if you already purchased a diamond jewellery only for the buyer to sell a silver one to you? That will hurt you a whole lot.

The same can be said about selling your jewelleries online. Because of the highly fraudulent online way of living, your potential buyers might find it hard to trust you (the one who is going to sell jewelleries). Sure you can instil confidence on your buyers using convincing words and a sense of credibility, but credibility is a pretty hard thing to get, especially if you are a new player in the world.

Most jewelleries store also do not have a repair platform that can work well. If you want to repair or make some alterations to your jewelleries, you need to find a workshop for that, and that workshop will require you to pay a whole lot of money as well. Aurum is there to help you rectify all of those problems by using a nice crypto currency system.

How Does Aurum Conduct It's Business?
Aurum conducts its online business in what I would say the most understandable way possible. Let us divide the process from the buyers’ point of view and the sellers’ point of view:

If you are trying to buy jewelleries and watches from Aurum’s auction, you would first need to get your hands on a crypto currency. Bitcoin works wonder, so get that one if you have not got one already. From there, all you need to do is to contact Aurum, pay the price in crypto currency, and you will get your hands on the wanted jewelleries.

For sellers, the thing can be a bit confusing, but it is pretty much the same. You will first hand your jewelleries to Aurum’s experts. From there, the experts will give estimation of the price. After the initial pricing, the jewelleries and watches will go on a checking and a documentation process before it can get into the international auction. After the exchange is done, the money will be given to the seller. Kind of long and arduous, but it works and is highly credible, so it is worth the wait.

Aurum Services
  • Vladimir Sheremet, Founder
  • Alex Smirdin, Co-founder
  • Dmitriy Bukin, Co-founder
  • Artur Tarapanov, Executive director
  • Vyacheslav Dernovsky, Development director
  • Alena Zhukova, Marketing director
  • Denis Semenov, Technical director
  • Ilya Siyalov, Project manager
  • Igor Demin, AC Consultant / SC Developer
  • Alexandr Sorokin, UI/UX designer
  • Aleksey Sysoev, Regional manager
  • Igor Kalugin, Regional manager
  • Scherbitskiy Konstantin, Regional manage
  • Vladimir Kohonov, Regional manager
  • Denis Berdihin, Geniral director
  • Ruslan Salihov, Blockchaine Developer advisor
  • Igor Romanov, Core Blockchaine Developer
  • Olga Pachenkova, Cryptography Developer
  • Ekarerina Gorshkova, Frontend Developer
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Aurum Services Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #AURUM team!


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