CINDX Platform : The Best Answer For Investors

Cryptocurrency markets have become popular in many countries. This market also has problems, there are some uncharted territories. There are some investors who have a lot of knowledge to estimate the profits of this market. The investor can use CINDX to invest in this market. You do not need any special skills or knowledge to make a profit in this market. This app has developed a secure system so you can choose the right manager. You can swap crypto safely to pay the cost of the manager's success. You will get a reasonable amount for that fee.

You can appoint managers who can produce a transparent process so you can choose a business strategy that is in line with market conditions. The statistics consist of the type of cryptocurrency traded, the risk level, work history, and so forth. Investors can find the most appropriate answer to manage the asset.

The Right Answer for Investors
If you are not sure about joining this project then you should see how this platform addresses your concerns about value. CINDX Platform can shift the wrong assumption about the relationship between managers and investors. The relationship becomes a fair cooperation because this platform can provide statistical data about the failure and success of the manager. This is a fair and transparent system.

This platform does not hide anything from your eyes. The industry will advise you to select managers based on trading results so that the platform provides the accurate value. You can also see creative accounting in the blockchain.

Ecosystems of CINDX Platform
Usually, this trading requires a lot of services. You need a third party for trading and analytics tools. This platform will provide all the services for you like a social network on a single ecosystem and crypto asset management. This platform organizes smart contracts with a transparent system so you can trade easily. You can view a unique ranking system that provides a list of world-class managers for users. You can see statistics, performance history, and so on.

Investors definitely need this information to get the right manager and manage the asset. Accounts from these managers will be synced through APIs with investor accounts. This feature is the same as other platforms.

Project Benefits
Managers will earn commissions paid each month. The manager will earn a commission for success and this fee will be paid upon approval by the investor. Sales of additional products also generate profits. The project also provides commissions for affiliates.

Smart Contract

The relationship between managers and investors will be governed by smart contracts. The first step is the manager will give you an offer. The manager will show the number of commissions for a successful trading transaction. Investors will determine the amount of investment. An agreement will occur when the investor accepts the offer. Investors should freeze 2% of the total investment to provide payments to managers.

The smart contract will provide information on the success of the trade. If the amount of funds that have been frozen is exhausted, then investors who subscribe to the manager will be terminated by the smart contract. This contract can be renewed automatically. If the manager does not do the job effectively, then the funds that have been frozen by the investor will return to the investor when the contract is over.

  • Yury Avdeev, Chief Executive Officer
  • Jason King, Chief Commercial Officer
  • Val Jerdes, Product Director
  • Mofassair Hossain, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Artur Shamalov, Investment Director
  • Debis Eskenazi, Product Marketing Director
  • Stefano Frumson, Compliance Officer
  • Ibraghim Haniev, Tech Lead
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  1. License FVR0001100 for providing Exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat services

  2. - Submission for trademark registration in Estonia and EU
    - License FFA000254 for Operating as a financial institution

  3. - Working wirt progressor Oigusburoo on wp to clam FSA license
    - License for providing a virtual currency wallet service

  4. - Submission for trademakr registration in China and Rusia
    - Changing ownership of the company from LLC to JSC
    - The appointment of the Board members and management Board in CINDX AS

  5. Registration exemption D in SEC

  6. A Personal data manager appointment

  7. - Obtaining the FSA license
    - Registration of the prospectus EU 809-2004
    - Issue of security tokens

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