Virtual Universe : Virtual Game in Reality Sensation

Games are fun activities to do, most games are in form two dimension with less real sensation. As technology developed, gamers now can feel real sensation to be in the game. This game could give a real life experience as f you are in other virtual universe. Virtual Universe is a company that provides and develops a real life experience games four dimension. Go check

Virtual Universe consists of epic game alike the holodeck. You could get to the artificial world with exciting and limitless storylines. you could experience and explore the new world. It feels as if you live in two universes. In the virtual world, you create and even share with other players. The setting seems so real with nature detail surrounding. The VU will definitely change the gaming era from two dimensions to four dimensions.

In order to play the game and feel the real sensation, you need to buy some token. The token only accepts ETH with ERC20 compatibility. Once you generate VU token it will apply for a lifetime game with one billion total. The pre sale for token is already opened once it is closed the unsold ones will be eradicated and burned. Token’ security is assured and already audited by chain security.

The token you buy will be distributed to user growth, token sale, bounty, VU team, partners, and pre-sale. Since this game is still developing and improving, the money you give for the token will help the creators to improve and to advance the VU game. Further about pricing details is provided in the website on crowdsale and token session. Token is only provided for six hundred million. In April 2018, the token Pre-Sale is opened. Go get the token so that you could enjoy the VU game later.

Firstly found 2013, now VU keeps developing. In September 2018, the private BETA will be launched. While it will become public launch in 2019. Do not forget to buy the token or you will regret it next year when the game is publicly launched. A sneak peek of the game also has been published through its website and its Youtube channel. You can watch and see how exciting the game will be.

As the game is created designed, and developed by many experts, VU can assure you the enjoy and excitement once you play the game. With more than thirty people, the team are working their best to make VU game perfect. Most of team are talented and the experts of game developing. Majority of team, they have creating game background.

The game quality is undoubted since the company is featured by some credible and famous university and graphic company such as University of California Irvine, Octans, Evo Nexus. ACMSIGGAPH, VRLA, and many others. To update further information or to contact them, VU could be reached through the website, facebook, telegram, github, instagram, linkedin, twitter, redit, discor, and medium. The game is highly predicted to be booming once it is launched.

VU Team
  • Ciaran Foley, Co-Founder
  • Jeroen Van Den Bosch, Co-Founder
  • Robert Curtis, Co-Founder
  • Jort Van Welbergen, Concept Artist
  • Charlie Hodara, AI Programmer
  • Brian Leleux, Lighting Texture and Shading Artist
  • Tom Plunket, Tools Programmer
  • Sean Runnels, Environmental Artist
  • Zachary Burke, Gameplay Mechanics Programmer
  • Hugo Beyer, Procedural Material Artist
  • Jacob Burke, 3D Modeler and Animator
  • Janet Ung, Concept Artist
  • Stephane Nepton, Real-Time FX Artist
  • Alex Moro, Quality Assurance Testing
  • Mitchell Lucas, Audio Engineering and Design
  • Mitchell Price, Advisors & Partners
  • Kevin McDonald, Advisors & Partners
  • John Ghadimi, Advisors & Partners
  • Ev Stanton, Advisors & Partners
  • Scott Brovsky, Advisors & Partners
  • David McNeil, Advisors & Partners
  • Rob Behnke, Advisors & Partners
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Virtual Universe Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #VU team!


  1. Company Founded and Incorporated

  2. Tech Coast Angels investment round closed

  3. Tech Coast Angel, Pasadena Angels and Wharton Angels follow on investment round closed

  4. Prototype released for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

  5. The COVE I Fund, LLC investment round closed

  6. VU proof of concept completed

  7. Completion of VU conceptual design

  8. VU engine pre-production

  9. VU Token Pre-Sale

  10. VU Token Sale

  11. Release sneak peek demo build

  12. Private BETA launch

  13. Genesis block auction

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