OPU Labs : The Ultimate Skincare App with Blockchain Platform

Everybody must want to look more beautiful with smooth and healthy skin. Yes, it needs many efforts for sure starting from going to the dermatologist and undergoing some treatments. Unfortunately, you probably cannot do those routines that easily. it can be regarding the limited access or having no enough time to keep the skin condition good. So, what is the solution?

It is so great that OPU is coming as the platform that enhances the global skincare industry. OPU is the first platform of its kind in the skincare industry using blockchan technology offers real world value; solving problems commonly experienced by both millions of people and countless professionals globally. It provides an app especially for skincare matter. By using the app, you can gain much information regarding the beauty of your skin. Besides, it also connects you to the skincare centers and dermatologists around to give you treatments. More than that, there are also rewards for the patients and all side involved in the skincare industry. So, it means that you can just gain so many benefits at once by downloading this application.

A Blockchain-Based Platform
It is reasonable how this platform can be really profitable for others. It is developed by applying Blockchain technology. Although this technology is actually not really new, there are still few people who acknowledge it and the benefits. Blockchain is another name for decentralized system in which the transaction data is not under the third party’s responsibility. Blockchain enables you and the others who are involved to access and manage the data. Therefore, it tends to be safer and more secured but also transparent.

OPU uses Blockchain technology as the basic system to manage its environment. So, if you prefer any transaction that involves you more and guarantees your data to be in better conditions, you can just join it or download the app.

Other Benefits using OPU Labs
There are still many other benefits of joining OPU aside from finding better treatment for skin and working under secured environment. It also helps you to gain more income by joining the Crypto investment conducted here. This is good not only for you who are already experts in this field. Even if you are still a beginner, there are many chances to gain the profits. You should not worry since the experts behind OPU will gladly help you. Make sure to share your experiences for getting feedbacks.

OPU also implements modern and sophisticated technology. It helps you monitoring the fund you invest there. The technology is also effective and informative in giving predictions. Make sure to use those facilities available for more interesting investing experiences.

Token Sales
So, how is to start it all? First of all, you are required to buy the tokens provided by OPU. There 3 stages of token pre-sales scheduled starting from June to August. There are bonuses given for you particularly if you join the first pre-sale. The number of tokens offered is indeed so numerous for around 660 million. However, you should be fast if you are really interested in it. There are many other people who also have intention to have the tokens. The distribution is around 14 days after the sales end. Well, for more about it, you can go to https://ico.opu.ai.

OPU Team
  • Marc Bookman, CEO
  • Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali, Chief Medical Advisor
  • Richard Reed, COO
  • Lucy Omo, VP of Engineering
  • Raj Jhaveri, CTO
  • Samantha Wang, VP of Marketing
  • Shuai (Nino) Feng, Director of Product Management
  • James Hodgman, Chief Architect
  • Pumara Kokiatrattana, Country Manager, Thailand
  • Naveen Shukla, Country Manager, India
  • Erik Wang, VP of Strategy
  • Tib Palin, Director, Blockchain Growth
  • Arthur Zubkoff, Blockchain Bizdev
  • Cooper Turley, Blockchain Analyst
  • Dr. Anna Karp, Dermatologist
  • Jill Bowers, Lead Designer
  • Akemi Tazaki, Designer
  • Deepti Devanagondi, Director of Finance
  • Robert Dellenbach, Legal Advisor
  • Sanjoy Saha, App Developer
  • Sudin Gaitonde, Senior Software Engineer
  • Sandor Nagy, Senior Software Engineer
  • Maninder Dhiman, Senior Software Engineer
  • Abhinav Singh, Business Development
  • Dr. Lauren Ploch, Dermatologist
  • Dr. Ashvin Garlapati, Dermatologist
  • Dr. Omar Noor, Dermatologist
  • Dr. Jordan Fabrikant, Dermatologist
  • Dr. Matthew J. Elias, Dermatologist
  • Dr. Farhaad Riyaz, Dermatologist
  • Dr. Pradyumna Vaidya, Dermatologist
  • Brennan Bennett, Blockchain Advisory Board Leader
  • Jay Manciocchi, Blockchain and AI Marketing Advisor
  • Martin Lind, Token Economics Advisor
  • Paroma Indilo, ICO Advisor
  • Keith Teare, Senior Blockchain Advisor
  • Naviin Kapoor, Blockchain Fintech Advisor
  • Toomas Allmere, Blockchain CIS Advisor
  • Sydney Armani, ICO Investor Relations Advisor
  • Vince Kohli, Blockchain Evangelist
  • Tawan Thongpook, Blockchain SE Asia Advisor
  • Jimmie Jeremejev, Advisor
  • Jeremy Khoo, Advisor
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: OPU Labs Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #OPU team!


  1. - Proof of concept
    - Further product research, development & testing
    - MVP (demo/alpha)

  2. - Fully functioning web version of 3D scan & analysis
    - Training tools for doctors
    - Private Sale & Pre-ICO Opens

  3. - ICO Opens
    - Product recommendation & skin condition program
    - Native Android app version & Asian market launch

  4. - Native iOS app version & US market launch
    - Affiliates network
    - Decentralized blockchain database

  5. - Analysis Engine v2 & Image Processing API
    - Treatment recommendation functionality
    - Additional Asian & EU country launches

  6. - Product marketing/growth & expanding to new markets
    - New functionalities & third-party tool support
    - Enterprise integration with partner platforms

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  1. This platform looks interesting because by using this platform we can be connected to the skin care center and dermatologist around to give you treatment. in addition we as users of this platform will get rewards as a patient and all parties involved in the skin care industry. so many benefits are given when we use this platform, good luck with the project and let's cheer sir.