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Buying or selling is not a strange activity in our daily life. Technically, it must be done based on the deal of two sides so that both can just find the benefits they need. Unfortunately, it is not happened in some cases. There is often one side which is being disadvantageous whether the price is too cheap or too expensive.

The presence of e-commerce in this digital era is very helpful for this matter. Both the customers and merchants have the same rights to get what they want. But if you think it is not enough, Subaj can just be a good solution for all. So, what is Subaj anyway? it is a kind of platforms that develop to solve problems commonly experienced in term of transactions. It creates a healthier environment for both merchants and customers for their own benefits. Besides, there are still some other advantages given including accessible facilities and even bonus and rewards.

How Subaj Works
Subaj is basically functioned as the marketplace in the digital world. Then, it provides stalls for companies, merchants, retailers, and others for free whatever the business they have. Then, the customers can just access them by searching. This way, the customers can just simply find the products they want to buy more easily. Meanwhile, the sellers also have more chances to sell their products without being afraid if the customers just want to do something bad like fraud or scam.

When you participate in Subaj, there is not only easiness in transaction you can just find. It is even more than that; you can also gain more profits by buying the SBJ tokens. Tokens are basically the Cryptocurrencies provided by the platform. Then, you can sell it anytime you want particularly when the value is increased. You can simply gain the profits anyway. Interestingly, the way Subaj works is not only about the profits. Some of the fund found in every transaction is kept for charity. Of course, it means all the participants also take a role for this. So, if you want to have more benefits and help people at once, this platform is definitely a great solution.

More Benefits Using Subaj Global Network
Money is not the only thing you find in Subaj. As it has been mentioned above, this transaction platform also provides some solutions for problems commonly occurred in our society. What are they? Subaj enables to provide instant access to any kinds of business or merchants. For customers, it is just great since anything you want is available just by tapping the icon of Subaj. Next, the provider applies a kind or system which is really transparent and flexible. Some features are added to ease the way sellers and customers communicate. Sure, if it is supported by good local connection, clear and real-time communication can just be conducted.

Subaj also implements some modern technologies, again, to gain both sellers and customers. Some examples are Geo Drop Technology and global active supports for the engagement. If you are interested in Subaj and thinking about joining, be sure to visit

  • Adebayo Surakatu, Founder & CEO
  • Knut Jacobi, Board Member & Advisor
  • Igor Pobirajko, ICO Project Manager
  • Dr.Mohamed Karim, Chief Financial Advisor
  • Antony Kozlov, Corporate Legal
  • Kateryna Pozd, Marketing & Social Media
  • Sergey Iaremenko, Automation and Computer-integrated technologies
  • Radchuk Mykhailo, UX/UI Developer & Analyst
  • Aliona Balatsanova, Project Manager
  • Rudenko Svitlana, IT Network & System Manager
  • Yevheniia Hlushchenko, SMM & Customer Care specialist
  • Abhimanyu Kumar, Project Manager
  • Rishabh Anand, Growth Hacker
  • Saurabh Singla, Business Developer
  • Kashif Syed, Merchant Community Manager
  • Ankush Gupta, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Prof. Dr. Mauro Andriotto, Chief Financial Officer & ICO Advisor
  • Shabaz Ahmed, ICO Advisor, Fintech Europe/MENA Region
  • Apporv Gupta, ICO Advisor
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Subaj Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #SBJ team!


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