Welcome To The New Banking World in Kryptobits

There are many people who use banking products but they are not satisfied with the services of the bank. The world of banks cannot adapt to modern times. Banks cannot run efficiently. You live in a digital world so you have to choose another type of banking that is better than a conventional bank.

About Kryptobits
This is a new financial service using blockchain technology. This is a simple, honest, and fast banking service. Kryptobits is a novel, comprehensive blockchain ecosystem for banking and financial services that integrates crypto and fiat together in a unique platform. You can get a service that is easier, cheaper, and faster than the services of the bank you use today. You need to know the latest issues about the banking world as digital transactions are growing exponentially and this is why you need a fast-paced banking system to keep pace with the growth of digital transactions.

You can manage your money in a simple and fast way. You don't need to worry because you can apply for credit. You can move easily because of a safe investment. This is a transparent bank service because everyone can access this service.

You don't need any rules and no minimum investment. You can use this service traditionally or digitally. You can access your funds in various places and send the funds to anyone. You also get access to buy cryptocurrency, make financing, and withdraw funds using credit. You will gain full control to access your money because it is called instant money. You can withdraw money from various places without paying commissions.

  • Solutions for Banking Problems
    Kryptobits can solve the problems faced by traditional banks. You do not need an intermediary because you can get in touch with other people to do business and manage your money in a faster way. This platform became a leader of the new banking world. Blockchain banking is in front of your eyes.

    This platform is built in Europe because this continent is the center of the economy with the highest currency value compared to other continents. You must know the benefits to be gained after you purchase this token. There is a major reason to invest in this platform.
  • The Main Reasons
    The holders of the KBE tokens will get a discount automatically for exchange fees and this depends on the number of tokens purchased from the project. You will get a free cardboard to access all the features provided by this service such as Airdrop, FIAT transfer, loan, and so forth. This is the main currency to access all these benefits.

    Developers are very confident about this project so the team can convince you to invest in this project and buying the token. You can decide to sell or re-invest after 12 months. This is a new ecosystem for you that is proven to be safe. This is a unique platform and can answer the challenges in the banking world.
  • The Main Challenge
    The banking world also has many challenges because the crypto exchange is not practical with complicated procedures to integrate with conventional banks. This platform requires high technical expertise to run the system. This is because the platform has certain business requirements so it requires a high cost with a fairly complicated application.

Kryptobits Team
  • DANIEL PALOMA, Co-Founder & Executive Director
  • IGNACIO GERBERG, Director of Product Development
  • ALAIN AGUIRRE, Technical Management
  • PABLO ALONSO, Project Management
  • ARIEL YABO, Security Coordinator
  • CARLOS CALLEJO, Blockchain Analyst
  • ARTHUR WEISSMAN, Brand Ambassador & Financial Advisor
  • SEBASTIÁN WAIN, Security Advisor
  • JOSEF AJRAM, Trading Advisor
  • PABLO YABO, Blockchain Development Advisor
  • ISRA GARCIA, Marketing Management & ICO Advisor
  • VICTOR RONCO, Marketing Advisor
  • JEFF BULLAS, Digital Business Advisor
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Kryptobits Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #KBE team!


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