EMMARES Will Perfect The Email Marketing System

Everyone uses email, from a business perspective, this is a good opportunity. Using email for marketing tool will give a bigger effect on the promotion campaign. However, almost all people see the email marketing like this as something annoying. The common reason is they got email or information they don’t need. EMMARES try to change this condition.

Using Blockchain technology to create an environment, where the email marketer and the email receiver can connect to each other, this project tries to make something new. There will be a reward system that will give tokens as a reward to the user of this system.

We see it as one of the best Blockchain-based projects you can find today. We have to admit that email marketing sometimes only becomes spam email in our inbox. With this system, especially the reward system, the email marketing content will have better quality, which gives benefits for both parties, the email marketer and customer that receive it.

The Reward System
This is the best feature we can find in this project. The reward system allows the receiver to give review or evaluation to the email marketing content as well as the email marketer. Based on the point that the customer has given, the marketer will have a bigger chance to promote their product to a wider market. On the other hand, the email receiver/customer will get the tokens. With the tokens, they can use it to pay or buy many different services and feature in the EMMARES environment.

The reward system will create a healthy competition between companies. Therefore, it will force them to create high-quality content, which will be useful for both parties. The email marketer will have a better way to reach the right target and customer. This will increase the chance to get a potential customer. In the end, their profit will also increase.

For customer or email recipient, the right content will give them useful information. Who knows, the customer might found the solution to their problem from this email marketing. Therefore, email marketing will change its status, from annoying email to something that customer wait for.

All of this system is applicable because of the Blockchain technology. This is the community-based technology. Therefore, the user in the environment created by using Blockchain as the based will have more rights and freedom to decide how the environment will grow. There will be no superior party in this environment, which make everything become fair and evenly proper.

EMMARES is indeed an interesting project, we can see it as one of the good boosters for the modern seller and customer relationship. In the past, it was an only one-way relation, where the seller will decide most of it and customer can only accept it. However, in this modern era, the two-ways relation is the most effective one. The customer also has right that will affect the seller decision. And, this project is the perfect manifestation of that concept. It’s worth to invest.

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