FairEco To Provide The World’s First Fair and Safe Crowdfunding Based on Blockchain Technology

Today, there are a lot of digital companies developed but not all of them are the safe and fair ones. FairEco comes with a crowdfunding platform which is built on blockchain technology to ensure the safety and fairness. Get to know more about the digital company in this following article.

About FairEco
FairEco is a crowdfunding platform based on blockchain technology to make sure that it is safe and fair everyone who get involved in the industry. The idea behinds the establishment of the digital company is due to the fact that the crowdfunding platform is currently facing challenges. The platform is not able to give protection to the money invested in a digital company as promised before. There are two main reasons that cause the problems and FairEco comes with smart solutions that will benefit everyone uses the platform.

The first reason is that there is no control toward the project execution. It has been known for long that a crowdfunding is created to provide an opportunity for advancing the services and products as well as bring them to the higher level. But, when the fund is successfully to raise, there is no proper control given to the projects. This is common to happen since the Makers are those who have full authority to the project and the users have no chance to share the control. In this way, most investors do not have an opportunity to control the money they have invested before.

Why Choosing FairEco
The platform provided by FairEco offers solutions to the challenges faced by the crowdfunding now. There are three main points in the company’s platform to ensure that it is not only the Makers who will get the profit but the Backers too.
  • Fair Contract
    There is a fair contract offered for the Maker and Backer only without any interference of the intermediary. The platform is aimed to avoid central wallet so that there will be more chances available for the Backers to give control over the company’s projects. The platform is specially designed for people who put trust in crowdfunding and wish to get profit from it.
  • Project Payment
    There will be a project payment policy added to the platform of FairEco. This is aimed to provide regulation over the mechanism of the project execution. In this way, all of the backers will be given more chances to approve as well as decline payment whenever they think it is necessary. The benefit of this project payment policy is that to make sure that the execution of the project remains under control. The platform by FairEco will help to secure the funds invested by the Backers and also minimizes any risk of the financial and project execution to the safe level.
  • Veto to Vote
    By having control over project payment, backers now have authority to stop any project that they think doesn’t run well. They can also postpone the delivery until the good execution is successful to conduct. This is how the platform of the FairEco will be fair enough and safe for the users.

FairEco Team
  • Thanawat Vanakul, Chief Executive Officer & Founder
  • Thananchai Tharasirivat, Chief Blockchain Officer & Co-Founder
  • Joe Limwiwatkul, Chief Experience Officer
  • Anan Sukumpanumet, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Akkradach Watcharapupong, Chief Digital Information Officer
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: FairEco Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #FECO team!


  1. FairEco Launch

  2. FairEco Platform Proof of Concept

    The FairEco platform proof of concept has been developed including but not limited to maker and backer main functions, request withdrawal and consensus veto to abort the wire transfer. Security, performance and quality assurance processes are conducted intensively.

  3. FairEco Platform Review

    Invitation of system testing has been released iteratively. The FairEco platform features have been added and developed continuously based on feedback from the testing.

  4. FairEco Platform for Maker and Backer

    Announcement of fully functional FairEco platform for the community. Backer's wallet can be utilized to support maker's projects. Funding of project can be aborted based on backer's veto. We want to create the fair crowdfunding for everyone.

Quick Link
  Official Websitehttps://faireco.io
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