INFLEUM – Blockchain Based Brand Publishing Platform

Created by the ELSOL COMPANY, INFLEUM is a blockchain platform designed for a transparent structure of trading. Any small idea and action from the individual may be translated into some kind of profits.

This company is a publishing platform with open source and blockchain base. It provides about as many as 8 DAPP services create by ELSOL Company. The value of influence is measured and distributed according to the participation of the users.

It also involves the ecosystem cycle of publishing such as Investment, Network, Marketing, Sharing, Consumption, and Payment. In this article, we are going to give a review of this company. And if you are interested to invest in this blockchain then you need to read this article thoroughly.

More about INFLEUM
INFLEUM is a platform for brand publishing and ELSOL Company made it for the open source platform. Anything that has been done by the platform will measure the value of influence of each user. Later, it will be distributed throughout the publishing stage of the brand. The value of influencer will be measured based on the participation of users. Once the value has been defined to the user, it will be distributed and spread across the ecosystem of ELSOL Company.

The platform will ensure that the distribution is fair and transparent. It will be checked throughout a fairly complex supply chain. The measurement value is determined for both consumers and producers.

By deciding a part in this board activity ranger available, the users later will be able to get the INFLEUM token. The token can be used to acquire so many services offered by the platform, such as an advertiser, influencer, DAPP, and platform. Later, those things are broken down into several stages and fix the INFLEUM token economy.

The INFLEUM Features
INFLEUM is a reliable platform for publishing your brand. It has several features such as:
  • Infleum wallet that will integrate the service and management assets
  • Contract escrow will secure your assert
  • Automated smart contract agent machine will create a simple contract with an excellent UI
  • Big-data and AI will manage your marketing system
  • DAPP will provide the platform users with various services offered
  • Development center is the place for you to develop the DAPP service. It will also provide support for API and SDK development by the company

The ELSO Company and the collaborators do their best to make a great platform of startup alliance. This platform of brand publishing will be designed to show up with several new formulas that have been developed and well-grown. The company will deal in several areas such as web content and creating the apps, creating strategies as well as the promotion in the distribution channel, establish and determine the strategies for marketing, and planning the brand as well as the consultant.

The ELSOL Company has created a well-designed brand publishing platform. It has several features that will ease the users and all of them are user-oriented features. It has a great ecosystem and growth pool that reaches up to 30%. The investors can but the INFLEUM token using BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, and ETC.

  • Phoenix Choi, CEO, Co-Founder
  • “AJ” An Joon, COO, Co-Founder
  • Seungwook Noh, CMO, Co-Founder
  • Steve Jeong, CTO, Technical Director
  • Ryan Lee, Financial Officer
  • Sanbo Na, Business cooperation
  • Sunkyung Lee, Community Manager
  • Megan Cha, Global Marketing Manager
  • TJ Taejin Yi, Blockchain Engineer
  • Seunggon Baek, Blockchain Engineer
  • Clinton Lee, Blockchain Engineer

  • Joshua Hong, Internet Media Entrepreneur
  • Daniel Lee, INSIDER Partner & Country Director
  • Sangyoun Kim, CINE LUX CEO
  • Jeaseok Kang, iPLUSCENTER CEO
  • Irang Kim, DM Link CEO
  • Hangju Kim, Together APPS CEO
  • Seongbong Lim, Kunlun Korea General Manager
  • Kyung bok Song, FunkyBro CEO
  • Tak Shin, 4Bros Entertainment CEO
  • Bonjin Ku, Gaeun Accounting CEO
  • Jason J. Kim, Founder
  • Jerry Y. Cho, KEYWEST Partners, President
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: INFLEUM Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #IFUM team!


    - IFUM token to hit be listed on echange

  2. - Development of INFLEUM Compensation
    - Engine 2.0 on Blockchain
    - Development of Smart Contract Agent Machine

  3. Development of INFLEUM Wallet

  4. - INFLEUM PLATFORM Beta Launch
    - DAPP REDITO Prototype


  6. INFLEUM Open API/SDK Release

  7. INFLEUM PLATFORM Commercialization

  8. INFLEUM's Own Mainnet Launch

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