Arround to Provide the World’s Best Decentralized Advertising Solution in Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) now plays a significant role in changing people’s perspective to see the world. Arround is the first decentralized advertising solution in the world that will help people to have their own augmented reality experience.

What Is Arround?
Arround is a leading company is the augmented reality industry and currently the first one in the world that offers the best-decentralized advertising solution for it. The digital company comes with a new and revolutionary digital environment that makes it possible for the clients to explore, create, and share their experiences in augmented reality. With the help of Arround, the advertisers join in the digital company will have a new way to engage their clients.

The engaging process will be done by using creative campaigns in the AR. In this way, the high-street retails outlets will be able to use the big data to reach the targeted campaigns. This would be the first time ever found in the advertising campaign history. As a reliable digital company, Arround also comes with a large number of global partners. They will give a valuable assistance to bring the solution provided by the company to the mass market. This will lead the company to have more opportunities to commercialize their unique offerings fully.

Why Choosing Arround?
The digital company comes with many benefits and here are some reasons you need to contribute to the Arround’s ecosystem.
  • The token provides by the digital company plays important role in powering the business model.
  • The company’s MVP is available both in Android and iOS.
  • Arround is also supported by a skillful, experienced, and dedicated team. They have excellent track record and passion to provide all the best in augmented reality for the customers.
  • The digital company also comes with establishing partnerships come from popular brands in the world.
  • The market growth of Arround is now at breakneck speed for about 65%.
  • The products provided by the digital company are exceptionally innovative and comprehensive.
  • The ARR offered by the company can be used for all revenue transactions which lay across the network, include revenue from the social network, global 3D AR map, AR store, and all advertising payments.

How the Company Uses Blockchain
The advertising solution provided by Arround is based on blockchain technology and it functions to connect all of the elements used in the company’s projects together. The campaigns conduct, as well as the advertising inventory, are paid for by ARR and registered in the blockchain. The profit gained in ARR will be used to pay the map builders. It will also be utilized to pay all of the transactions conducted in the social network. The payment given will be in the form of ARR token.

The company also comes with a program to lead the AR map into the applications of the 3rd party which will be connected to the company’s advertising network to help them gain more profit from the advertising. The transactions which are conducted within the company’s ecosystem will really give you peace of mind. This is because all of the privacy rights and intellectual property will be guaranteed and secured by using smart contracts.

The Arround Team
  • Neil Bryant, CEO
  • Arkady Yasashny, CFO
  • Dmitry Orekhov, CMO
  • Artem Haritonov, CTO
  • Alexandr Sokolov, CSA
  • Eugene Dobrovolsky, CBDO
  • Kate Bublik, Digital marketing expert
  • Andrey Molchanov, CSPO
  • Fedor Gladovsky, Sr. Web Developer

  • Vladimir Nikitin, Strategic  ICO Advisor
  • Temur Shakaya, Strategic Partnership Advisor
  • Igor Karavaev, Advisor, Investor Relations
  • Alexander Shulgin, PR and Community Advisor
  • Nathan Christian, ICO Advisor
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Arround Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #ARR team!


  1. - Initial idea to create a communication platform based on augmented reality
    - Optimization of the project's business concept
    - Presentation of idea and feedback

  2. - Technical specification of the project
    - First major partner, 36.6 which runs the biggest pharmacy network in Russia
    - Investment into the development of MVP

  3. - Release mobile app for iOS and Android
    - Launch first campaigns with partners, 36.6 and the Atrium shopping mall

  4. - Port ARROUND to ODG Augmented Reality Glasses and Microsoft HoloLens
    - Launch advertising campaigns with large pharmacy chains across Europe
    - Engage advertising agencies on the platform
    - Develop self-service module for ad agencies to build their own AR content

  5. - The first auction in the secondary market for the sale of advertising space inside the platform
    - Launch of SDK, attracting third-party developers to the platform
    - Expansion to new markets: China, Japan, Korea, Europe
    - Launch of a pilot project with a partner in the US

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