Scavo – A Smart Platform to Invest in Self-Sustaining Mining Farms

The current consumption of energy in this modern era is getting higher. More mining farms are needed to make sure the supply of energy can be secured. Scavo comes with a revolutionary platform to enable the clients to gain income from mining farms.

SCAVO Technologies Overview
Scavo comes with a specific goal to construct large-scale mining farms. The funds collected by the company will be used to build mining farms as well as their power plants to provide supply for energy consumption. When the energy independence could be reached, the income gained from mining farms will be used to cover all the costs spent on the maintenance. The self-sustaining mining farms will be established soon after the ICO is completed. The mining farm will be fully operational based on the roadmap created. This project will keep providing additional income for the clients regularly. To successfully do the project, Scavo identifies the most common challenges that faced by crypto mining companies on large scale. This is aimed to help the digital company to create a solution model which is based on the concept of “Industry 4.0”.

The approach implemented by Scavo generates a modular solution to make it scalable. The company uses renewable energy sources to help it produces its own electricity. In this way, Scavo can develop into a self-sustainable company and eco-friendly. This creates a profitable solution both for the institution and the clients. With the profit earned, Scavo is able to provide regular payments to all the investors contribute to the company’s ecosystem. All the payments conducted will be done in transparent ways. The smart contracts offered will allow the company to give payment to the investors through automatic manner. In addition, the clients might choose one of the various payment options provided. This can be done simply by changing their preference on the company’s platform.

The Company’s Token
Scavo has created their own algorithm that enables them to choose the most profitable active crypto available now. The algorithm developed by the company will be used to optimize the use of the cryptocurrency over time. This is possible to happen since Scavo also collaborates with third parties to support their projects. The investment made within the company’s ecosystem can be different from one investor to another. However, there will be no minimum amount of money that the clients should invest.

Before deciding to make an investment in the company’s projects, the clients are suggested to consider the transaction fees. This is because all of the payment made will acquire Scavo Token. The clients should be sure that there are no costs needed for the tokens’ acquisition. The cryptocurrencies that will be accepted within the company’s ecosystem include DASH, BTC, BCC, ETH, LTC, and more. The clients and investors will get their payments based on the configuration that has been selected before. This can be done by accessing your profile available on the company’s platform. There are several methods of payment available for customers to opt. They can pick the payment in Ether (ETH) by using intelligent contract, automatically, and weekly.

  • Guillermo Nardoni, Executive Director
  • Hernán Bucciarelli, CFO
  • Matías Nardoni, Director of Operations
  • Liliana Pizarro, Administration
  • Franco Ledesma, Networking
  • Enrique Bucciarelli, Logistics
  • Aldo Somoza, Chief Officer
  • Miguel Araya, Director Technology
  • Alfredo Carlstein, Advisor
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: SCAVO Technologies Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #SCAVO team!


  1. R&D Unit Creation

    A Research and Development unit is created to build sustainable large-scale crypto mining facilities

  2. Solar Power Stations

    We have developed solar power energy generation for mid and large-scale facility and allso a prototyped hardware for automatization of management

  3. R&D Cryptoming Farms

    We built cryptoming farms prototypes using renewable energies.
    We've worked an a combined hybrid solutions to become sustainable and self-sufficient

  4. "Ecological" Miners Development

    Adaptation of miners based on GPU and ASIC to operate completely with renewable energies.
    Prototype for the automation of smart-mining

  5. SCAVO lncorporation

    SCAVO Technologies is founded as a result of more than two years of development and continuous work in the R&D Unit, having archieved the proposed objectives

  6. Building the Farm

    The first fully sustainable and self-sufficient cryptominer farm was built with technology based on "Industry 4.0"

  7. Mining Farm go us Live

    The first mining farm was put into production with self-supply of energy and injection of surpluses to the public electricity network

  8. Alliance with manufactures

    Alliance with hardware manufactures for miners GPUs (hardware and proprietary software.
    Negotiations with INNOSILICON and EBANG begin

  9. ICO setup

    From 01/12/2017 to 04/15/2018 the processes were developed to start the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of SCAVO

  10. 1st Purchase Order

    ASIC and GPU-based miners Purchase Order (50%)

  11. PES parts Purchase Order

    Purchase of pieces for Power Energy Station

  12. Build and Test

    Building and Testing ASIC and GPU-based Miners

  13. Purchase Order

    ASIC and GPU-based miners Purchased Order (remaining 50%)

    Building PES + AMU

    Building the Power Energy Station + Automated Mining Unit!


    SCAVO Farm online!
    Investors begin to receive their payments in their respective wallets

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