Protect Your Digital Data and Documents with Lynked.World

As we are now living in the digital world as well, it is important to keep our data safe. Do you ever wonder if the data, documents, and your own identity that you shared are protected? Are you sure there is no one else out there that can hack and open your private data? Now is the time to get all of those things secured with Lynked.World in the digital world.

What is the Lynked.World?
You can make a secure peer-to-peer network and manage it on your own or autonomously. Lynked.World is a platform built upon Blockchain Technology to verify digital identity, education and professional experience. Basically, this is a secure platform which is a blockchain based. You can use this service to control and share trusted documents, data, and identities digitally. The needs of this kind of sharing are usually both for institutions and individuals.
By using this service, you can no longer need to see the Trust and Authenticity in any different use cases of data, the selected data will be automatically scanned as a whole. You will also be able to have fewer expenses since you will have fewer intermediaries among the processes compared to the situation when you have not this Lynked.World applied. And most of all, you will not need to worry anymore to share documents and identities among your selected groups as you will be secured.

Who Can Use This Service?
Actually, anyone can use this recommended service. Since this service can connect, validate, and collaborate with everyone with more trust built between one entity to another entity. If you want to verify identities and validate experiences in your corporates or governmental section, this Lynked.World service is going to be very useful for you. The use will be similar to the human resource department as well. Banks are also recommended to utilize this in order to monitor the payments and remittance of all of the customers so that the banks can be even more secure and trusted.

To validate degrees and certificates, the education departments such as universities, colleges, schools, or training institutes also need this service. This kind of security is also mandatory for individuals such as students, freelancers, and job seekers apart from those groups mentioned.

The Features You Can Get
Since this digital security system is needed to safeguard and support in many aspects, of course, you will be able to enjoy several different features one you have applied Lynked.World in your circle. You can own digital wallet that is free from danger. Not like other digital wallets, in this one, you can also keep your identity safely to replace your identity card. This can be very useful when you forget to bring your actual wallet.

The next feature is configurable forms. For many necessities, the corporates or companies will need forms to get the job done easier and faster. This configurable forms would totally make your job smoother. Furthermore, you can also request a configurable QR Code both for individuals needs and groups ones. This feature is very useful when you want to share identity and documents with many other people. Instead of sending everyone email with the attached documents, you are only needed to show the QR Code and they can scan it themselves with their smartphones. If you are interested to know more, you can go to and use this obligatory service soon.

Lynked.World Team
  • Arun Kumar, Founder & CEO
  • Debashish Biswas, Global Strategy Advisor
  • Rishi, Chief Technology Officer
  • Alexander Mamasidikov, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Satya Prakash, Chief Cloud Architect
  • Meenakshi Mehra, Client Relationship
  • Saravana Kumar Malaichami, Blockchain Architect
  • Sunil Kumar, Business Development
  • Anil Boricha, Technical Team Lead
  • Jaydev Vaghela, Sr. Software Engineer

  • Shailendra Bhushan, Rtd. IAS, India
  • Ian Scarffe, Blockchain - ICO Advisor
  • Jason Hung, GFOB cofounder, ICOBench Top Advisor
  • Sydney Ifergan, Crypto & ICO Community Expert, ICO Advisor
  • Igor Karavaev, ICO Advisor
  • Anders Larsson, Founder allcoinWiki
  • Joakim Holmer, Founder allcoinWiki
  • Naviin Kapoor, Blockchain Expert
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Lynked.World Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #LYNK team!


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