Bluenote Solves The Root Of The Global Warming Problem

The building is one of the main causes of the global warming effect. It creates a greenhouse effect that makes the global warming effect become even worse. From this fact, we can see that the best solution for the global warming problem is fixing the building itself. If the building uses less energy or builds in the greener method, there is a big chance that the global warming problem will be solved as well. This is what Bluenote project team tries to do.

What is Bluenote Project?
The Bluenote project is a unique project that solves the problem we explained above in different ways. Other global warming-related projects maybe try to solve it by providing the method to make the building greener. For example, it offers the best way to save more energy or how to add more plans in the building. But, Bluenote project is different.

The Bluenote project focuses on information sharing. The main problem that holds the development of environmental friendlier building is the lack of data about building energy efficiency. Building owner also can’t easily evaluate how their building performance in this matter. So, it makes everything get worse. There is no significant development on the environmental friendlier building system.

The Bluenote project provides a platform where all information about building energy efficiency can be shared easily. Moreover, it also connects the building owner to the expert that can help them to acquire the data of their building. That way, they can easily find out about their building energy efficiency. According to the data they get, they can make changes that will improve their building energy efficiency. Thus, it will help us to fight against global warming.

The Bluenote Token
The most interesting feature we’ve found is their reward system. We can see it as one of the best ways to make more people involved in this great project. That way the main purpose of this project, which is dealing with the global warming problem, can be achieved much faster.

The reward system works as its name. Everything that you do in the Bluenote environment will give you a reward in a form of tokens. By the way, Bluenote project use BNOW tokens, which is the ERC-20 tokens. With this token, you can get many benefits, from better service and even exchange it with fiat currency.

Everyone can get the tokens. You can get it from the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) event that Bluenote hold. On the other hand, if you share useful information, such as your building energy efficiency information, you also get the tokens. For you who have skill or knowledge in the energy, you also can offers service to those building owners that need your help. And, you can get tokens as the payment for your service.

We can say that Bluenote is one of the best Blockchain-based projects for dealing with global warming you can find today. It hit the right area where need a fix to deal with the problem. So, we believe that this project will become the most important part of the big changes in the future.

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