Bluenote, The Solution for Our Global Warming Problem

Global warming is the serious problem that we are all facing right now. It is getting worse, even though we have already done many things to prevent and restore our Earth condition. We never said that all of those movements to reduce the global warming effect don’t produce any result. They did, but it’s much slower than the global warming effect increase. This is where we find Bluenote.

Introduce The Bluenote Project
The Bluenote project utilizes the most important thing in the effort to reduce the global warming effect. It’s the information. Focusing on how to make a building use less energy and turn it into more environmental friendlier, we can say that this project offers an innovative way to fight against global warming.

Basically, the building holds the biggest part in worsening the global warming effect with the greenhouse effect that it’s produced. The Bluenote project tries to provide a place where all information about how to make building become more energy efficient can be shared easily, cheaply and even freely.

Currently, this information isn’t freely accessible. You can still get the information about the building energy use data and how their efficiency, but you need to pay quite an amount of money to get that information. So, it’s only limiting the progress to create a more environmental friendlier building. It also holds the effort to eliminate the source of the greenhouse gas that becomes the main cause of the global warming effect.

Bluenote will break all those limits. The main purpose is to make this important information spread faster. Then, there will be many chances that that information and methods will be perfected and give birth too much better way to save our planet. Isn’t it a great thing?

The Bluenote Features
Bluenote uses Blockchain technology as a platform to create an environment where users can share information. With this technology, information sharing will be much faster and safer. Moreover, it’s also cheaper, because of its decentralized concept.

The Blockchain environment also makes the building owner can easily connect with an expert that can help them. They can ask help to create or perfect their system that can make their building become more environmental friendlier.

Bluenote also has tokens that can be used in the Bluenote environment. The user can use it to buy service, use the feature, or get information. Moreover, there is also a rewards system that will help those who have knowledge and expertise to find a job and make a profit with their knowledge.

The reward system also works on the data provider. By sharing their data, they will get the tokens as rewards. So, we can see it as the system that gives benefits to everyone who involved in this project.

Bluenote is indeed an impressive project. So, we really recommend it for you to join this project as it can become the one that holds the best solution for our global warming problem. Now, we just need to wait until this project shows the result in the future. And, hopefully, their goal to get rid of the global warming nasty effect will be achieved.

Bluenote Team
  • Jeremy Adelman, Co-Founder
  • Andrew Barbeau, Energy and innovation policy
  • Philippe Tarbouriech, Chief Technology Officer
  • Hester Kranendonk, Corporate Development Officer
  • Hans Tobé, Chief Financial Officer
  • Quintus Abeln, Legal advisor
  • Michiel Frackers, Chairman
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Bluenote Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #BNOW team!


  1. START

    Blue City Solutions (“Blue”), the global coalition that helps improve people’s lives by testing, sharing and implementing the best smart city solutions, officially launches at COP21 in Paris.


    Blue hosts an open innovation debate for stakeholders from the international energy world at the Blue Horizon event in Amsterdam, where commercial real estate is discussed as the largest singular source of carbon emissions in cities.

  3. FOCUS

    Blue initiates a project to develop a protocol that enables the global real estate market to track energy efficiency live: theBluenote project.

  4. OPEN

    The Bluenote project team is formed with the goal to develop a protocol that powers an independent, decentralized economy that helps to optimize energy efficiency for commercial real estate around the world.


    Collecting real-time and high-resolution energy-related data from buildings through a Bluenote node. Simplifies the tracking and visual presentation of energy data.

  6. FUND

    Bluenote conducts a private sale with the goal of raising CHF 10 million. (CHF 10 million successfully raised!)


    - The Bluenote project launches its cryptocurrency BNOW through an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).
    - The BNOW IEO will be the first opportunity for the general public to participate in the new global energy efficiency protocol.
    - The IEO will offer BNOW tokens directly through a leading international cryptocurrency exchange.


    Kickstart the Bluenote ecosystem by rewarding, through a smart contract, early participants that bring value to the protocol by identifying or recruiting buildings, providing data or developing software.


    Developers start processing raw time-series on the Bluenote nodes,including historical billing and weather data to create the first software-based energy efficiency attributes, and to create recommendations for improving energy efficiency.


    Structuring of nodes and indexing building feautures to facilitate discoverability. Building data queries based on location, size, type, etc. Will now be functional.


    Network effect: a critical mass of nodes is reached. Participants will now be able to run private computation queries on other nodes to leverage energy efficiency learning of benchmark performance against peers.

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