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The infleum blockchain is a platform that purposed to create a trading structure that transparent in small ideas or actions that potential to profit. The further explanation from infleum can be seen on their official websites in

Understanding The Infleum Platform
The platform of Infleum is a decentralized of a smart agent platform that designed for “brand publishing”, the “advertising and commerce marketplace”, and the “influencer citizenship”.

The main functions of the Infleum platform are for brand publishing and advertising. The process of the platform starts by submitting the advertiser with a marketing request. The advertiser chooses the suitable campaign type and fills the smart contrast details. The contrast details include marketing target, budget, period time and also types of activities that the client uses. After the smart contract and all of the activities detail outlined into a contract, and all parties agree, and objective evaluation will be conducted and the compensation rewards will be given to the participated users with the fair standard role.

Infleum Features
To create a reliable brand publishing ecosystem, Infleum has these awesome features to make the system work well and earn a profit for their client. The token of Infleum is a utility that used for a rewarding system in the Infleum platform. This is token that designed for increases the value’s platform as well with the growth of the ecosystem and cover to the entire value of blockchain through the participation from experts, agents, influencers and of course their users. The Infinium itself is the special platform that powered with companies and individual that wants to improve their brand value from across country around the world.

  • Infleum wallet.
    This is features that integrate the assets management and services at once.
  • Big data and artificial intelligence.
    With Big Data and AI-based with target marketing system, it makes the system more targeted, ensure for the accurate system and help to determine to brand publishing and marketing.
  • Contrast Escrow.
    This feature will secure for the asset management and the payment.
  • DAPP.
    This is access for client to enjoy and use various services.
  • Automated smart contract agent machine.
    It is the simple contract with a client that made by using a convenient interface that easy to make and understand.
  • Development center.
    The DAPP development center is supported by SDK, API and many more for ensuring the advanced and integrated features to your targeted market.

The Types of Reward From Infleum
The reward system in Infleum is based on Proof of Influence or POI. The participants that are individual will be evaluated with such factors include the activity level on-and-off from the platform and also the quality of the client participation. When their higher score of POU reached, there will be a higher reward.
  • Advertisement reward.
  • Content creators reward.
  • Influence reward.
  • Commerce reward.

Besides of all of these rewards, there is also the bonus that applied differently depending to the ICO stage, schedule and also the participation level. With all of the rewards and beneficiary systems in Infleum platform, this can be a good option for those who want to enhance their branding and market place.



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