Cryptocurrency Tips and Tricks : How to Make Money with DINNGO

DINNGO is one of many digital currencies you may find nowadays. It offers you various features and benefits by purchasing and using this currency for transactions. DINNGO is managed by a team with individuals who master what their fields after all.

Nowadays, it seems very common to know the latest cryptocurrency craze since anything will be using the digital currency. Litecoin and Bitcoin become two names with the highest exchange. DINNGO with DGO as its currency will help you to make money and we are going to learn the steps in this article.

Buy and Trade a Cryptocurrency
The first thing you must do before making money with cryptocurrency is buying one of them. In this case, we are using DGO for the transaction. The price is still reasonable and it will get higher and higher in the future.

Other than that, DINNGO offers a friendly yet super-clean user interface. It will be the best way to start your money making process. Once you have created your account and purchase the coin with the market rate, you will need to hold until the selling time is on. Just wait until the price gets higher.

Since this is an investment, you still need to be careful with anything and any possibility. The prices of cryptocurrency fluctuate without you know it sometimes. Also, you must ensure that you are on the reputable exchange in the first place. Later, you can focus on to sell your DGO once the price ups.

Transactions with Cryptocurrency
If you buy DGO for investment, you will need to make transactions like purchasing and accepting payment with DGO as well. A digital wallet would be needed in order to fulfill this process. If you are selling goods or services then you may ask your clients to pay by using DGO instead.

DGO might not be widely used right now so you may ask your clients to pay by using Bitcoin or Litecoin. Later, you can exchange it with DGO. It works similar to the first point we have explained in this article. Once you have the cryptocurrency in your digital wallet, all you need to do is the way until the price ups. Later, you just need to sell it and grab the profit.

Mine The Cryptocurrency Coins
It is very possible to mine your DINNGO coins. However, it is not the day when you can just mine your coins by using the home computer. You will need rigs and the obstacles might be a lot when you want to make money through mining the coins.

The first thing you need to do is investing in a good brand of graphics cards with the best setup. It has something to do with the computer setting so make sure that you hire a professional who can build a strong computer. The main point is that the price might be ups and downs. You need to wait until the price is good enough so you can sell your DGO to get profit.

  • HSUAN-TING CHU, Chief Executive Officer
  • BLAKE HO, Chief Operating Officer
  • BEN HUANG, Chief Blockchain Officer
  • HSING FAN, Compliance Lead
  • ALICE WU, Designer
  • ALBERT LIN, Senior Software Engineer
  • YK CHU, Managing Director of WI Harper Group
  • JOSEPH FAN, Venture Partner with WI Harper, Vice Chairman & CEO of Kbro Company Ltd.
  • TIM HSU, Founder of Hacks In Taiwan Conference (HITCON)
  • ANTHONY STATEN, Financial Services Executive and ex-PwC and Accenture Consulting Manager
  • SCOFIELD YEH, CTO and cofounder of MagV
  • RONALD YU, CEO of Autopass, serial entrepreneur in Fintech industry
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: DINNGO Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #DGO team!


  1. - Release audited Tooken Sale Smart Contract
    - Register as Money Service Business (MSB) Under FinCEN
    - Run Social media bounty campaign

  2. - Launch exchange Beta on Ethereum
    - Provide fiat gateway
    - Support stablecoin pairing
    - Run Bug Bounty program

  3. - Launch exchange official
    - Release exchange smart contract
    - Streamline compliance Know Your Customer (KYC) process

  4. - Support BTC transaction
    - Provide advanced trading feature
    - Launch DINNGO mobile beta
    - Support Multi-Language

  5. - Provide portfolio smart tracking feature
    - Launch DINNGO merchant beta
    - Open SDK for wallet service providers
    - Reach 1-day transaction volume of $2,000,000

  6. - Launch DINNGO merchant official
    - Launch DINNGO mobile official
    - Open SDK for merchant
    - Reach 1-day transaction volume of $5,000,000

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