Bluenote Project Will Change the World in The Future

The building is one of the main factors that cause a global warming effect. The reason is today’s building hasn’t been able to use the energy optimally. The building we can find today still waste more energy than it should be. This increases the usage of energy significantly. So, if we want to reduce the global warming effect, we need to deal with the building first. This is what the Bluenote project offered.

What is Bluenote Project?
The Bluenote project creates an environment where all information about energy efficiency and how to apply it to the building can be shared easily. Currently, this kind of information is held by a certain party, which if you want to access it, it is really difficult. You may need to spend more money and time just to access this information.

The truth is, if the information about building energy efficiency and usage can be published and shared, it will improve the development of the energy usage on all buildings. Thus, it will speed up the effort to reduce the global warming effect by eliminating the main source of this problem. All buildings will have better energy efficiency. This is the goal that Bluenote has.

Bluenote will facilitate the need of this information. This is an innovative service that can help the effort to reduce the negative effect of global warming fruits a real result.

The Benefits of Bluenote Service
There are two parties that get the benefits from the Bluenote service. The first one is the building owner. They will be able to get information that they can use to make their building has better energy usage system. This will change the building into a more environmental friendlier building. It doesn’t only help to deal with global warming. But, it also can save the building operational cost, so it gives more benefits to the owner.

The other party that gets benefits from Bluenote is the expert in the energy industry or those who have skill in this field. The Bluenote platform will make them easily find those who need their expertise, such as those building owners. It will help the building owner to get help to check their building and help them to develop the good energy system for their building. And, the expert can get income from this service.

The Bluenote Tokens
Bluenote uses Ethereum - ERC20 token, the BNOW. The token and reward system that Bluenote provide is one of the best features we can find in this project. You can get this token from their IEO (Initial Exchange Offering)  event and Bounty program. The user can use it for many things inside, such as using the special feature, buy and get the service, and many more. The reward system also will become a great incentive that can boost the speed to reach the goal that we explained above.

Bluenote offers the best solution for the global warming problem that we have today. It focuses on the root of the problem. Moreover, for its user, they will have the best platform with a lot of benefits. So, if you are interested, investing in this project is a good decision. Who knows, maybe you will become part of an important change in the future.

Bluenote will start with a supply of 12,500,000,000 BNOW, of which 6,250,000,000 will be distributed to investors during the Token Sale, 2,500,000,000 will be reserved for Reward Pool, 1,250,000,000 will be reserved for Early Investors, 1,250,000,000 will be reserved for Founders, and remaining 1,250,000,000 will be reserved for Bluenote World AG.

Token Information
  • Token Name: Bluenote
  • Token Ticker: BNOW
  • Token Protocol: ERC-20
  • Total Supply: 12,500,000,000 BNOW
  • Token Available for Sales: 6,250,000,000 BNOW
  • Token Price: CHF 0.01
  • Private Sale: June 2018 - November 2018
  • Public Sale: December 20, 2018 - TBA
  • Soft Cap: CHF 2,500,000 (CHF 10 million has been raised as of December 2018 in the Private Sale)
  • Hard Cap: CHF 20,000,000
  • Minimum investment: CHF 100
  • Payment Accepted: BTC
* CHF = Swiss Francs (Swiss national currency)
* Unsold tokens will be allocated to Bluenote World AG, which will not sell more than CHF 10 million per year in tokens, not before 2020.

With the following early bird bonuses structure:
  • 1st  200M BNOW : 25% bonus
  • 2nd 200M BNOW : 15% bonus
  • 3rd  200M BNOW : 10% bonus
  • 4th  200M BNOW : 5% bonus
  • 5th  200M BNOW : no bonusess
So don't missed to be part of Bluenote! More detail about #BNOW Public Sale, please check Bluenote Public Sale and subscribed on Bitcointalk announcements.

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