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The science or research data that you can find on science journal usually is an only small part that the original data on that topic. There are many obstacles that make the science or research data can’t be published as it is. It actually becomes a problem. With fewer data published, the chance that that topic can be improved or even perfected is practically closed. EUREKA project solves that problem by implementing the Blockchain technology in it.

What is the EUREKA project?
EUREKA is an environment where you can share the science or your research data easily. Using the Blockchain platform, the sharing process can be done easily. And, just like what we know about the Blockchain, the system is controlled by no specific party. Therefore, the fairness of sharing data is much better than the system that we can find today.

The Benefits of EUREKA Platform
Using a smart contract, every data that is shared in the EUREKA project will receive the timestamp. Therefore, we don’t need to worry anymore about the copyright and such. Even though other people use it and claim that data as theirs, the timestamp will prove the opposite. Therefore, your data will be protected by the best system and method that you won’t be able to find today.

Currently, many researchers can’t or even afraid to share and publish their research data, because they don’t want it’s stolen by other people. EUREKA system prevents that from happening with the timestamp feature. And, it gives other benefits from the research.

By being able to release and share the data earlier, other researchers in the same field can look at it. Then, they can give an opinion, addition, and even correction. This will help the original owner of that data can perfect their research. When they officially release their research result, the result will be much better.

The reward system is also another benefit you can get from EUREKA platform. This will help the people to involve more in the data review and analysis in order to boost the research speed. Of course, in long term, this will support the invention of a tool or method that can solve many problems in the world. As we all know, the main purpose of scientific research is solving the existing problem.

The EUREKA Token
EUREKA also provides tokens for its user. And, as we mentioned before, the token is used in the reward system. The token is called EKA. With this token, the reviewer will get a reward in tokens form, so it will improve the review process in the future, which can help the research of the data owner.

Eureka will start with a supply of 298,607,040 EKA, of which 149,303,520 will be distributed to investors during the Token Sale, 53,749,267.2 will be Retained for Growth, 44,791,056 will be reserved for Team & Founder, 26,874,633.6 will be reserved for Advisors & Legal, 14,930,352 will be distributed for Bounty / Bonus and remaining 8,958,211.2 will be reserved for Foundation.

Token Information
  • Token Name: Eureka
  • Token Ticker: EKA
  • Token Protocol: ERC-20
  • Total Supply: 298,607,040 EKA
  • Token Available for Sales: 149,303,520 EKA
  • Token Price: $0.10
  • Soft Cap: $2,000,000
  • Hard Cap: $14,930,352
  • Payment Accepted: BTC and ETH

EUREKA can become one of the important parts that can change how the research will be done in the future. Who knows, this program maybe can accelerate the development of new invention and breakthrough that will be useful for this world. Therefore, if you plan to invest in this project, that will give you nothing but benefits, that also can help the world in the future.

  • Prof. Dr. Lawrence Rajendran, Founder and CEO
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Bocek, Chief Technology Officer
  • Mr. Lucas Pelloni, Deputy CTO
  • Ms. Isabelle Siegrist, Business Development
  • Mr. Andrew James Cook, VP Strategy and Operations
  • Prof. Dr. Jan Lötvall, Editor-in-Chief
  • Dr. Tamara Zaytouni, Editorial Director
  • Mr. Severin Wullschleger, Smart Contract Engineer
  • Mr. Tejansh Chandole, Community Manager
  • Mr. Werner van Rooyen, Community Manager and Public Relations Officer
  • Mr. Andreas Schaufelbühl, Software Engineer
  • Vasileios Koukoutsas, Backend Engineer
  • Simon Müller, Backend Engineer
  • Claude Müller, Backend Engineer
For detailed about Team Members descriptions please check out: Eureka Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #EKA team!


  1. Current operations

    Start with the implementation of the EUREKA platform and finalization of the ICO investment platform. Legal preparations to ensure compliance with Swiss regulation. API integration and testing of KYC/AML, selected after discussions with bank.

  2. Private Sale and Pre-ICO Sale

    Beginning of private and Pre-ICO sale. EUREKA Team expansion.

  3. Public ICO

    Public sale of EUREKA tokens. The minting and distribution of the EUREKA tokens will be started right after the public sale has finished.

    EUREKA Token listing

    Applications to token exchanges will commerce post ICO. Finalization of the first version of the EUREKA platform and beta testing.

  4. Launch of mainnet EUREKA platform

    The first rating-journal smart-contract built on the EUREKA platform launches on the Ethereum mainnet. Alpha testing.

  5. White label journals and pre-prints

    The EUREKA platform whitelabels its technology and enters new markets such as pre-prints.

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