ALCEDO Platform : Implements Blockchain Technologies Into Everyday Life

Do you use cryptocurrency? Mostly, people will answer no, if they asked this question. It’s reasonable because cryptocurrency isn’t known and spread that much, even though it offers many benefits compared to fiat currency. The main reason is the complicated system and process to use this digital currency. Currently, only those, who have more knowledge and skill in the digital world, have the ability to use it. But, we think it will change.

The Alcedo Platfrom
The main reason why we said that is because we found Alcedo Platfrom. And, if you read about this project on this website, that means this project related to the cryptocurrency or Blockchain technology. But, the most important question is what this project does?

Alcedo Platform creates a system where everyone, even though they have no knowledge or experience in using cryptocurrency, can use cryptocurrency easily. The main purpose of this system is more than just providing that simple way to use cryptocurrency. However, this project was created to spread the usage of cryptocurrency in society.

Currently, Alcedo Platform focuses their service for Germany area. It’s a little bit unfortunate because many people from all over the world will need the easiness that this project has for using the cryptocurrency. We can only say that this is the starting point of their journey. And, if this Germany-focused project is a success, we can see that they will provide service for the wider area.

What Makes Alcedo Platfrom Special?
The simple answer will be their service. It is very innovative, and it seems really turn the cryptocurrency to be able to use easily like the money we usually use every day. We can see it from what they provide, such as ATM, the over-the-counter service, card, e-wallet, and expert assistance for investing with cryptocurrency.

The cryptocurrency ATM from Alcedo project is one of their best services. In Germany, currently, there is no cryptocurrency ATM, while other countries in Europe already have several of it. So, this feature can bring a big change in how people make payment or transaction with cryptocurrency.

The over-the-counter service is also another great service from ALCEDO. It’s called ALCEDO Points. This is indeed an innovative way to get the cryptocurrency. You don’t need to use complicated process and computer. Just go to this place and ask for buying or selling the cryptocurrency. In fact, this service has already started since last year.

The ALCEDO Tokens
ALCEDO use Ethereum platform to create their tokens. The function is similar to the other tokens. You need it to pay for the service in the ALCEDO platform. But, the great thing about ALCEDO is the tokens aren’t a necessity. You can still use their service without tokens. Of course, you need to pay more with fiat currency.

ALCEDO is a promising project. You can join to invest in this project if you want. Although you don’t live in Germany, at least by supporting them, you can help them to grow faster. Then, their goal to spread the easiness in using cryptocurrency to all over the world will be able to become reality faster as well.

ALCEDO will start with a supply of 100,000,000 ALCE, of which 40,000,000 will be distributed to investors during the Crowd-Sale, 30,000,000 will be reserved for Team, 15,000,000 will be reserved for Business, and remaining 15,000,000 will be reserved for Referral/Bonus.

Token Information
  • Token Name: Alcedo-Coin
  • Token Ticker: ALCE
  • Token Protocol: ERC-20
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 ALCE
  • Token Available for Sales: 40,000,000 ALCE
  • Token Price: 0.02€
  • Crowd-Sale Timeline: 182 Days (Dec 1, 2018 until May 31, 2019)
  • Soft Cap: x
  • Hard Cap: 40,000,000 ALCE
  • Payment Accepted: BTC, ETH and PayPal

With the following early bird bonuses structure:
  • 1st  PHASE (Dec 01, 2018 - Jan 31, 2019): 50% bonus
  • 2nd PHASE (Feb 01, 2019 - Mar 31, 2019): 25% bonus
  • 3rd  PHASE (Apr 01, 2019 - May 31, 2019): No Bonusess
So don't missed to be part of ALCEDO! More detail about #ALCE Crowd-Sale, please check Alcedo Crowd-Sale and subscribed on Bitcointalk announcements.

Author: CryptoSmile
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