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The sharing or exchange of data, information or assets among parties without any connection with the central authority, P2P or known as the peer-to-peer will take the decentralized approach to interact between persons and groups. This approach had used in a computer and networking as well as the currency trading. So, you might think that P2P exchange is your best solution.

How is P2P Decentralized Exchange Work Actually?
The Peer-to-peer decentralized exchange will work completely individual depending on the software that supports it. All of the exchange aspects will be operated and maintained throughout this platform and there is no additional requirement for the third party to support this trade or build up the trusts. All of the transactions which operate in a decentralized way was verified by cryptography, therefore, eliminating the need of third-party.

The cryptocurrency exchange is the market where seller and buyer can do the transaction, For example, someone who wants to sell Bitcoin can use the exchange address to deposit their balance to sell their bitcoins or even other cryptocurrencies. Someone who wants to buy something on the exchange will deposit their own money to the exchange and they will use it to buy coins from seller. By this way, the relationship between centralized bank and government authority to facilitate each process means that the significant reducing. You should know that the lack of third-party need also means that the processing time is lower and for some reasons, the decentralized process is more popular as well as the more people and organizations exploring this new and very interesting process.

So, what is BitValve?
With BitValve, they will offer you with P2P exchange platform and the direct platform of Paxful and Local Bitcoin along with the main advantages which change how the way people get peer to peer trading. BitValve is the platform aims to utilize the benefits of decentralized exchanges, while, at the same time, eliminate the drawbacks of the current decentralized exchanges. Combining all of the benefits of current exchanges and handle the downsides which make market from achieving its full potency.

This platform will not only target professional traders, however, the normal users who only want to exchange their coins for bitcoin, fiat or even other cryptos in an affordable, fast and more efficient way. There are many benefits that you can by using BitValve. For more detailed information, then you are able to go to its official site.

Here Some Advantages of Using BitValve
This platform targets the benefits of the decentralized exchange, at the same, removing the downsides of this decentralized exchange. There are some advantages as follow:
  • Up to 50% less fees
  • Multi Cryptocurrency Support
  • Crypto to Crypto Trading
  • Unique UX and UI designs
  • Official Mobile Apps
  • Enhanced Security and Availability
  • 24/7 Support and Dispute Resolution

If we talk about P2P technically, then each transaction is P2P (peer-to-peer) transfer. Whether you using credit cards, cash or ACH payments. Although in recent years, the definition of P2P had developed to describe a new way of money exchanges, services, and goods - which does not rely on the traditional mediator such as credit card companies or banks. In many options, this newer P2P option very close with the bartering or cash, expecting that all of the transfers can happen in the wider distance without two “peers” ever meet. However, in many ways, P2P transfer does not like barter or cash. But, when it comes to the P2P transfer, what are main advantages and downsides, especially when talking about the ease of use and security. This is very difficult to generalize because so many different approaches, however, Bitcoin is the perfect example of P2P concept which is taken to the extreme.

Here The Pros of P2P
The most appealing advantage of P2P transfer is the cost. All transactions will be processed electronically with the automatic system matches the buyer and seller without any mediator. As the result, Bitcoin and P2P system were designed with very low transaction fees to come from 0 to 1 percent. There are many users also enjoy this transparent price which been offered by P2P. The currency conversion was publicly listed and the precise rate was decided by supply and demand– not come from a bank or government. The P2P networks are safer in many ways. For example Bitcoin, there is the real-time ledger that visible by any people. This thing also makes this exchange is almost impossible for fraud or scam. Also, because it only needs very little personal information for any transaction, then the users do not have to feel worried about the data breaches. So, if you think that this is something that you’ve been looking for, then BitValve can be your best choice as well. P2P network also offers you with anonymity making these currencies such as Bitcoin for those who do not want to be inspected by regulators.

The Cons of P2P Exchange
Although this exchange has incredible benefits as mentioned earlier, it still has some downsides as well.
  • The unpredictability. You should know that currencies like Bitcoin can be converted to the dollars, yen or euro in an easier way, but there is no guarantee that you will get the original value of any transaction that you get with the P2P currency.
  • The refunds were nonexistent or may very hard to get. Without any middleman, then it would be so difficult to dispute the charge. Finally, the seller will decide whether to ask refund or nit.
  • The things above also make the accounting getting harder. Whether you want to input the original value of a transaction, the basic value of product sold or the new value as well.
  • It can be said that the biggest downside is the speculation. However, BitValve offers you unique features and great solutions to address those downsides. For more information, then you have to check its official site. By using this BitValve exchange, then they will give you key advantages while addressing the drawbacks.

Bitvalve Team
  • Konstantinos Berios, Founder & Backend Engineer
  • Julien Gionis, Branding
  • Nikiforos Kollaros, UI/UX Designe
  • John Markostamos, Full Stack Engineer
  • Ben Kaufman, Blockchain Developer
  • Dr. Daniel Dimov, Legal Advisor
  • Simon Zenios, Corporate Law & ICO Expert
  • Anthony Manfre, ICO Advisor
  • Mehdi Jelloul, ICO Strategist
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: BitValve Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #BTV team!


  1. Idea development and market analysis

  2. Start of whitepaper drafting

  3. Launch of Website and ANN Thread

  4. Launch of thee pre-ICO

  5. Development of MVP

  6. Launch of the ICO

  7. Contract and Distribution of the BTV Tokens

  8. Official Launch of BitValve Platform

  9. Development and Release of iOS and Android Apps

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