Key Advantages of BitValve Platform

When you hear about the term of decentralized, then you might think about P2P exchange. However, you might be too naive to find out how the P2P network worked. Shortly, users do not need the central server in order to manage this file sharing. Instead, this is completely decentralized P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing program. Just after the Bitcoins hit the market, the ideas of the P2P network and decentralization becomes clear for many people. The basic characteristic of a decentralized system is they are operated by people instead of government, bank or central authority. So, it would be pretty different.

Why You Use BitValve?
Firstly, BitValve might aim to disturb the current P2P exchange by introducing very unique and complete features for all people around the world. They offer you an idea that many people in this world can access, purchasing and selling their favorite cryptocurrencies by using any payment method available. Although you might have witnessed the growth of the buying and selling cryptocurrencies industry, this industry still in the growth process and still give you the key advantages as well.

Besides that, the existing peer to peer exchange usually offers you a higher price which supporting cryptocurrency in limited number and does not allow crypto-to-crypto trading. Plus, there are many exchanges offer users with very basic and complex to understand and sometimes lack support for Android or Apple apps as well as have weak information security. Sometimes it relies on the stiff and slow process, including of the limited payment methods and the limited availability. Because there are two main P2P exchanges in this market, the professional users and traders do not have alternative options to get better peer-to-peer trading experience.

The Comparision Features
Escrow Fee1%1%0.5%
Crypto to fiat trading
Crypto to crypto tradingxx
Easy to use Interfacexx
Mobile Appsxx
KYC optionalx
Security levelMediumMediumHigh
Encrypted TradesUnknownUnknownx
Dispute ResolutionExpensiveExpensiveAffordable
24/7 Supportxx

But, in BitValve, then they will make P2P exchange platform along with main advantages which change the way people trade peer-to-peer by combining all of the benefits of the current exchanges and addressing these downsides which make market does not get their full potentials. This platform will not only targeting the professional traders but also normal users who want to exchange their coins for other cryptos in a more efficient, fast and effective way.

How P2P Exchange Works?
In order to eliminate the brokers and third-party, then it will leave all of the work on the node which been participated in that trade. Traditionally, after you generate the sell or purchasing order, then you will forget them and the automatic trading engine will match your order automatically with those optimized buyers. However, this peer-to-peer model sometimes leaves the users with the manual work. Instead of matching the orders, then this exchange will suit for anyone. Sell or purchase in the network will not take by a system. The buyer should click the link and tell the seller that he interesting in buying the sale order and as the result, the seller should check whether any buyer shy on any interest to buy that released sale order.

Although this software is very suitable for seller and buyer without any third-party, it might lose the vitality when it spends all of the necessary resources all the time. The Bitcoin permission might take around 5 minutes to hours. Because there is no third-party or middleman, then the transaction rate sometimes becomes too slow. Now, this creates complete procedure become the boring job until you will find BitValve exchange platform.

They Are Key Advantages of Using P2P Exchange
The buzz around this decentralized system is real and here some reasons:
  • An Affordable Cost of Operation
    Once again, the influence of people in regular exchange will mean that you get extra spending, in other hands, P2P exchange will run by software. This software does not charge you with the transaction fee or brokerage fees. You should know that transactional fee is very optional in digital or trading cryptocurrencies. So, it is very optional when users want their transactions were validated by the miner immediately.
  • The Censorship or Transaction
    You should know that a decentralized system might allow anyone to access the same copy of ledgers. They will be more prone to be hacked or even manipulated. The authority control can disturb or intervene the ledger. This P2P system does not have a central authority to control and almost no chances for tampering. Even, if the system was hacked, those people should heck 59 percent of nodes to change the ledger of that nodes. It sounds impossible anyway.
  • The Private Sustenance
    The central exchange system will ask every minute details related to the enroller. The government had established the KYC regulations, means that they have all of the details, in P2P case, the government cannot apply the brute force in the process of KYC. Thus, all of the transactions can be done anonymously.
  • Of course, it is Secure Channel
    The P2P exchange is completely secure because it does not save cryptocurrencies for users. It only makes seller and buyer meet and minimizes the risk as well.

These Tips Guide You To Get The Bbest Exchange?
Always Get More Information About Exchange
You should look for more basic information such as the location, the market that they focused on and the founder as the first step to choose your best exchange. As we know that Bitcoin still becomes the unregulated currency in many states, however, many things were changing. During some years, the situation looks better than today. This is also very important to know the exchange location and find out more about the exchange founders.

Trading Fees
The trading costs money – of course, this is a reason why exchange to stay in this business. Usually, the exchange will charge a small percentage of the amount that you traded. Usually, there is the sale scale which reduces the fee percentage when the monthly trading volume rising. This is the way of exchange generates money.

Ease of Use
Having simple interface which is so easy to use along with fast loading is something that anyone loves. However, the support for the cellular device even more important. But, the support for the cellular device is more important. The users who plan to trade should get a double check.

To get early access to the platform and learn more about the BitValve as P2P Crypto Exchange, check this out:

ETH Address: 0x0123a524a2d5A69d9E934750951a519dcB552E59



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