Find The Best Insurance Information and Plan Fast by Using Kuverit

More and more people understand the importance of insurance to protect their future. The problem is that it is tricky to find the best insurance. Even, the insurers have to face fraud or flawed insurance product which makes them unable to feel the benefits. Kuverit is an insurance platform which helps insurers to get a maximal result from the insurance plan they take.

Key Features of Kuverit

Use Smart Technology
What makes Kuverit different than any platform is that it is powered by blockchain technology. This technology support people who want to know more about insurance as well as to buy the best insurance product. It facilitates people, especially insurance users to use smart technology such as a smartphone to get any important information about insurance.

Easy to Access
Because insurers are able to use their smartphone, Kuverit can be accessed by using a specific application namely Kuverit smart insurance application. The users are able to use the platform for an instant payment and claim system. The best part of using this blockchain based platform is that the users get more options with a few problems.

Secure and Safe Insurance Platform
The platform cares about the security and safety of the users. Kuverit is also supported by some features which help the users to check the reputation of a stranger or new person before making a deal with them. By using this platform, users can reduce the risk of financial loss. The chance to get the best insurance company and insurance plan will be bigger. This is also a good protection system to prevent scammer by using the latest security technology.

Easy Transaction with KUV Token
Just like any blockchain based platform, Kuverit uses cryptocurrency and token to support any activities. The token makes any insurance transactions from the platform simple, easy, and fast. The users need to use KUV token. For those who don’t have the token yet, they can buy the token froam Token Sale by using any cryptocurrencies such as ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, XRP, and many more. The price of the token is $0.99 per token. The token will be transferred to your e-wallet and you can use it for any activities while using Kuverit.

Limit Fraud and Flawed Insurance
The platform is developed for the users who want to find more information and safe insurance program. This platform is trying to defend against the common issue, especially fraud and flawed insurance. At the same time, the developer is offering a revolutionary way to get the best insurance in the most comfortable, easiest, and safest way. The most important thing is that you can feel the benefits of the insurance plan maximally. The platform helps to manage your insurance plan and the latest update well.

The explanation above shows that finding the best insurance program is easy to do. Kuverit knows what to do and the platform is developed based on the needs of the users toward valuable insurance plan. As the result, people are sure to use insurance without anything to worry about. Anytime they want to know the latest information about insurance, they can just use the platform and check it via smartphone. Then, they can use cryptocurrencies to do some transactions.

Kuverit Team
  • Daniel Drury, Founder - CEO Ireland Ltd
  • Daniel McManus, Co- Founder Finance Director
  • James Packham, CEO - Kuverit UK - Malta
  • Pavel Martynov, Lead Developer
  • Guido S Krummacher, Advisor - Contributor Committee NED
  • Paul Wordley, Advisor & Compliance
  • David Baumholzer, Advisor
  • Tony Banks, Advisor
  • Amar Shah, Advisor
  • Ben Terry, Advisor - Marketing
  • Paul Baker, Advisor & Tax Planning
  • Nat & Chanida, Advisors - Sales
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Kuverit Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #KUV team!


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