Volentix Will Change the Digital Asset Trading in The Future

The application of Blockchain technology keeps increasing these days. It’s a good thing. If Blockchain technology or system becomes as familiar as the mainstream system, we can see a great change in the future. However, the problem here is the limited facility to get the digital asset that can be used to develop Blockchain-based app. However, we found a promising project that can solve this problem.

The Volentix
Volentix is a unique project that provides Digital Assets Ecosystem (DAE). Just from the name, you must understand what this project does, right? Yes, they create a place where digital asset needed for building Blockchain-based app can be easily traded. VOLENTIX is dedicated to developing a digital assets ecosystem premised on empowerment and independence while nonetheless respecting legal compliance. From our point of view, this is a marvelous concept. Why?

Why Volentix Bring Nothing but Goodness?
First of all, Volentix is Blockchain-based platform. Therefore, they also use smart contract and all advantages of this technology. The trader basically can trade their asset safely as well as easily, as it also uses a P2P system. This is the reason why we said it as a marvelous concept.

By simplifying the trading process, the effect towards the development of Blockchain-based app will be stronger. So, if this project really fully operates, you can expect something good happens because of its effect. There will be many new and useful Blockchain-based app. The development of the app will be also much faster. But, the most important thing is the effect toward the Blockchain technology itself.

As we all know, Blockchain technology isn’t the mainstream system. Just admit it; most people don’t even know what Blockchain is. With Volentix project, we can see a brighter future for this amazing technology. The implementation of Blockchain technology will be faster and easier for many aspects of modern people’s life. In the end, people will get its benefits, which is a better and easier life.

The Volentix Project Features
There are four main features that you can find in this project. They are VDex, Verto, Vespucci, and Venue. We see these four as the best solution that the team behind this project can think of. Here are why:

  • VDEX - Decentralized Exchange
    This is the digital assets exchange platform that use decentralization system. You use it to access the technology available out there and get the advantage from it. With this data and information, you can get big help to develop your application much easier.
  • VERTO - Multi-Currency Wallet
    In the simplest word, this is an e-wallet. You use it to keep the currency that you will use to trade and exchange digital asset in the Volentix platform. The best about this wallet is you can use multiple currencies with it. Moreover, it also uses P2P system, which simplifies the transaction process between users. That also means you don’t need mediator or third party, which can increase the transaction cost.
  • VESPUCCI - Crypto Rating
    This one is unique or, we can say, the powerful analytic engine that can give you real-time data of the digital assets and other factors in this platform. You can find out the rating, sentiment analysis and many more. This is important feature. We see it as the best source for information to use for decision making purpose.
  • VENUE - Community Platform
    This is the platform for users and community in Volentix ecosystem. This feature will recruit more members to distribute the digital assets and other purposes.

As you can see, each of those features has an important role in creating a better environment for digital assets trading. The VDex will simplify the process; the Verto will help you as a user to trade easily. Vespucci is your best friend to make good trading. And the Venue is a chance to get another good thing from this platform.

The Volentix Team
Team and Members
  • Alexis Anastasiou, CEO
  • Yiannis Emiris, CTO AND CS
  • Sylvain Cormier, Blockchain R&D and Lead Developer
  • Rhys Parry, Operations
  • Marwan Ayoub, Marketing and Strategy
  • Matthew Isganaitis, Marketing and Strategy
  • Ioanna Fotopoulou, Media
  • Nemr Hallak, R&D and Trading
  • Panos Sakkos, Founder of Blocktopus
  • Mojgan Ahmadi, Creative Marketing
  • Kostas Pylarinos, Investment and Trading
  • Manolis Christoforou, R&D and ML
  • Maria Luisa Castronovo, HR and Finance
  • Chrysanthi Saliagkopoulou, Marketing & Operations
  • Joemar Taganna, R&D and Engineering
  • Ksenia Popova, R&D and Engineering
  • Dimitra Panou, R&D and Engineering
For detailed about Team Members descriptions please check out: Volentix Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #VTX team!


  1. VDEX White-Paper Release

  2. Verto v1
    Vespucci White-Paper Release

  3. VDEX Beta

  4. VTX Release

  5. Vespucci v1

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