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One of the methods to obtain cryptocurrency is mining. Your computer will execute specific code that can give you the cryptocurrency that you want. However, this method becomes obsolete today. The need for a lot of energy for running your computer as well as money to invest doesn’t equal with the result that you get. Moreover, this method isn’t environmental friendly. This is where CATEX came and provide the best solution for this problem.

What is Catex?
CATEX (CAT EXchange) is a unique service that provides a platform where you can do the mining transaction exchange. With this method, you will get more benefits, such as more mining bonuses as well as the tokens as rewards. Actually, this isn’t a new method. However, we can see that CATEX provide much better features than other similar services that we can find today. This is also the reason why we see it as a promising service that you can try.

The Features of Catex
Cat Exchange is having the most special referral program, which you can invite friends to join Referral System, when your referrals make trade, you can get 10 percent of their trading fees in form of CATT token. Just like we explained above, the mining bonus is the main features that you can get from Catex. You will get 5% mining bonus from this service. This is actually quite big. So, it’s pretty profitable. CATEX team also admitted itself that this is one of many ways they used, to make their service and user grows bigger.

Speaking about the user, CATEX uses the decentralization concept to the core. In order to make this feature work well, their team creates many channel and platform on several social media. Moreover, the platform is available in many different languages. Users from all of over the world will be able to discuss and say their opinion and demands easily with that.

The demands and opinion from these users then are really evaluated by the CATEX team. And, they make a decision, change, or improvement based on these demands. So, we can say that CATEX is the real community-based service. With this much freedom, users will feel more comfortable to trade and mine using this platform. We see this feature as the best feature that CATEX can offers.

Now, let’s get back to the bonuses. Another great thing we found in CATEX is their daily dividend bonus. As a user, you can receive bonuses up to 90% of the dividend. This is big. You can really make a huge profit by using this service. Of course, there are several requirements that you need to follow, in order to get this big bonus. For example, you need to lock your CATT token for a certain period of time.

The Token
Catex uses CATT token. The token works as currency in this platform. You also receive your mining reward in the form of CATT token. It seems not so profitable. But, the CATT token you own affects the dividend and bonus you will receive. So, it’s important to collect and keep the token, if you want to get a better result in the CATEX platform.

Basically, CATEX is the best solution for cryptocurrency mining. This service will give you a different and more effective way in mining and trading cryptocurrency. CATEX indeed gives you many more benefits in which other platforms may never. So, let's JOIN NOW!

Token Information
  • Token Name: Catex
  • Token Ticker: CATT
  • Token Protocol: ERC-20
  • Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 CATT

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