ArtPro: The Art of Blockchain

Blockchain business is not an uncommon term in this world. Other than that, there are so many types of virtual currencies offered out there. The new ones commonly give a generous airdrop to convince their users and clients about loyalty and the importance of community. On the other hand, the popular ones have given tons of profits to its loyal clients since day one. So, what should you do if you want to invest?

ArtPro is another name in the industry of blockchain and this name offers a different concept. If you love the concept of the art of blockchain then you should take a look at its official website for sure. This is also the answer to the online art marketplace. Today you can purchase and sell your art in the online art market by using ArtPro.

According to the company, this crypto introduces permanence and transparency so both the users and providers could build a trustworthy marketplace. We will breakdown the things below.

About ArtPro
ArtPro creates a platform with the go-to marketplace spirit for art dwellers such as contemporary artists and private dealers. Their main focus is to emerge the talent. The platform wants to open the art to the whole world so anyone could discover new arts and purchase it online at a reasonable price.

ArtPro also wants to provide space for those who are interested in the art without intermediaries and steep learning curves. Those things are traditionally preventing people to acknowledge art. This is why this platform was established. This is the first blockchain across the world that reinforces the online art marketplace. Users and providers build the marketplace block by block, eventually.

ArtPro believes that art is the store for health in the first place. It is a fact that art is valued higher than its beauty for years. If art could only be enjoyed and owned by the wealth back then, today everyone can enjoy and embrace art without the excessive price.

The Thread
However, the obstacles must be a part of everything and this is also applied to this blockchain platform. According to the data, at least 30 percent of art sales are involving the forged pieces. The greatest threat when it comes to the art market includes attribution, forgery, lack provenance, and authenticity.

The Art of Blockchain
Every aspect in this aspect must have its artsy side so does the blockchain industry. Since ArtPro has made it to the first blockchain reinforced online art marketplace on earth, this company puts its faith in modern technology. They believe that technological solutions would solve and fix all issues to make a great online art marketplace. This is why they want to make a platform with permanence and transparency as its main feature. By that, this company wants to make a trustworthy art market block by block with the clients and users.

Investing in ArtPro would be a good idea, especially if you are fond of art. Besides, this company should be on your consideration list.

The ArtPro Token
The ArtPro Platform will start with a supply of 500,000,000 APT, of which 175,000,000 will be distributed to investors during the Pre-Sale, 75,000,000 will be reserved for Public Crowdsale, 100,000,000 will be reserved for Founders & Advisors, 85,000,000 will be reserved for ArtPro Investment Fund, 50,000,000 will be reserved for Developer & Emerging Artists, and remaining 15,000,000 will be reserved for Airdrop & Bug Bounty.

  • Token Name: ArtPro
  • Token Ticker: APT
  • Token Protocol: ERC-20
  • Total Supply: 500,000,000 APT
  • Token Available for Sales: 250,000,000 APT
  • Pre-Sale price: $0.10
  • Public Sale price: $0.15
  • Soft Cap: CHF 2,500,000 (CHF 10 million has been raised as of December 2018 in the Private Sale)
  • Hard Cap: $20,000,000
  • Minimum investment: Pre-sale -5 ETH, Crowd Sale - No Minimum
ArtPro Launches Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on LATOKEN and ExMarkets!

  • Oliver Hams, Co-Founder & CEO
  • Ashleigh Ulysses, Co-Founder & COO
  • Jerry Chai, Lead Developer
  • Aleksey Ladutska, Front End Developer
  • Nick Vyhouski, Senior UI/UX designer
  • Nikhil Sethi, Director Of Marketing
  • Neha Rana, Marketing & SMM, India & UK
  • Andrey Romanov, Marketing Manager Russia & CIS
  • Bhagya Sethi, Bounty Manager
  • Boris Otonicar, Blockchain Advisor
  • Jose Maria Macedo, Business Development Advisor
  • Sanem Avcil, AR & Artistic Advisor

For detailed APT Team Members descriptions please check out: ArtPro Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #APT team!


  1. Inception of ArtPro platform

  2. Official registration of UK entity: ArtPro platform LTD

  3. Application for regulatory licensing

  4. Pre-sale

  5. IEO commences

  6. Introduction of augmented reality to the platform

  7. The first ArtPro art exhibition in London

  8. Release of the quarterly ArtPro collector's publication

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