Telecoin : A Secure and Efficient Vehicle For Global exchange, Settlements and Storage

Investing in cryptocurrency has become a trend nowadays. However, is it the best thing for you to invest in? Of course, you will need to do some research. Today, there are so many virtual currencies out there. Many of them have been known for their name and pretty popular while the rest is still in the developmental stage. The number will get higher and higher from time to time so it will make you overwhelmed eventually.

Telecoin is not a new name in the crypto market. And if you want to invest in a virtual currency, Telecoin should be on your list. In this article, we will make a review of this cryptocurrency. Also, you should consider this currency after all.

About Telecoin
Telecoin is a considerably new cryptocurrency in the business, this name is carefully putting its focus to integrate the currency by using a mobile network across the world. Telecoin targets to make the conversions between mobile money and the prepared card. Later, it will also converse with the postpaid billing platform for a smoother transaction process. The process should be effortless.

In general, this company makes the token distributes itself to the mobile network. The environment is designed as incentivized as possible so the distribution process is easy and smooth. The dispersed number is about 5 percent per year so, hopefully, the cryptocurrency will phase over gradually to the mobile market.

Key Features
There are several key features offered by this crypto. Other than its widespread accessibility and market research-based, several other features will enhance your experience. As we have mentioned earlier, you should consider Telecoin if you intend to invest in cryptocurrency in the future.

It features incentivized acceptance in which any user could become part of the “family” once he or she adopts the network right away. Other than that, the family member would be eligible to receive a certain amount of tokens for bonuses, regularly.

The flexibility is also applied to its system. This enables users to complete all interactions just by using their mobile networks. Telecoin also features a safe wallet service that will keep your investment safe. However, the company has stated that it will release its safe wallet in the future. For now, they still work together with the TenX Wallet. Still, this offer is worth a try especially if you want to invest in some developing virtual currencies.

Since anything is accessed and done through mobile networks, this platform is highly mobile-friendly. This perk is pretty unique compared to its competitors considering all things are integrated into your mobile networks. On the other hand, this is compatible with human’s mobile spending habits eventually. The platform also enables the possibility of users to top up mobile credit, online payments, international remittances, and ad hoc transfers.

If you have the intention to invest in cryptocurrency, Telecoin should be on your list. It provides a great opportunity for users to use the platform easily. Other than that, you can perform various transactions through your mobile network.

TELEX Technical Specifications
Telecoin uses Ethereum - ERC777 token, the TELEX. The token and reward system that Telecoin provide is one of the best features we can find in this project. You can get this token from their IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) event and Bounty program. The user can use it for many things inside, such as using the special feature, buy and get the service, and many more. The reward system also will become a great incentive that can boost the speed to reach the goal that we explained above.

  • Token Name: TeleCoin X
  • Ticker: TELEX
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Token Type: ERC777
  • Total Tokens: 15,500,000 (Fixed Supply)

  • Michael Alexander, Founder
  • Mammix, Head of development
  • Perry Newman, Head of web & IT
  • Veer Singh, Admin team
  • Davorin Bebek, Community manager
  • Jodie Handley, Promo and marketing
  • Dr. Julian Critchlow, Non Executive Board Member
  • Arianne Elise King, Non Executive Board Member
  • Arthur j Cory, Non Executive Board Member
  • Stellios, Web & Graphic Designer
  • Oliver Uter, Community Moderator

For detailed TELEX Team Members descriptions please check out: Telecoin Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #TELEX team!

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