BatMine - The Most Profitable Crypto Mine in Existence

It seems like talking about cryptocurrency would be a never-ending topic to talk about. There are so many options for online transactions you can choose nowadays. Many of them offer interesting prices so you can invest it now when the currency is still in development. The future of cryptocurrency is so bright. You should consider investing in this thing after all.

About Batmine
BatMine is a mining platform with cryptocurrency-based blockchain. The platform is specifically designed to fix various issues commonly faced by cryptocurrency miners. Since the issues and problems have been fixed by the developers, BatMine gives easier mining operations that promise a cost-effective rate. This platform is exclusively created on blockchain to provide a better quality of platform so the miners would get the best mining experience.

BatMine is made with tons of benefits and emphasized in several decentralization aspects such as cost-effectiveness, privacy, and transparency. This platform promises the most sustainable, productive, advanced, and fastest cryptocurrency mine that you have ever known. You can join the club and upgrade it into a member so you can enjoy the best experience.

Benefits Offered
By using BatMine as your crypto mining platform, you will get tons of benefits. The power source is environmentally friendly yet accessible at a less expensive price. It is the ultimate answer for all miners because they demand higher profits with fewer resources. Commonly, a slow internet connection would be a huge problem for every miner. This thing would not be an issue anymore because Batmine has provided steady accessibility and fast web as well.

The Features of BatMine

Users would be spoiled with a mining protocol that features transparency and steady income sources in a certain period. Users will also get an interesting UI look so they can check their result with no hidden numbers. The miners are very specific and particular so the clients would mine with peace considering it has the best administration that is accessible for everyone.

BatMine focuses on delivering and improving the goals by considering altcoin mining. This thing is done by doing some research on current trending related to the altcoin in the market. Later, it will be considered for mining.

On the other hand, Batmine also allows its users about solutions related to their issue while mining in Batmine. Users can also choose the cryptocurrency they want to mine while increasing their efficiency on the other hand. This is why BatMine has a huge chance to be a big mining platform that will beat the competitors in the market.

BatMine Token
Just like other crypto mining platforms, BatMine also establishes its token named BATM. The currency will be used for any transactions, mining, and trading. Investing in cryptocurrency would be a great opportunity to get a hefty amount of money in the future. On the other hand, Batmine would be the perfect place to mine your crypto. Other than that, it also provides flexibility to increase efficiency in every aspect. BatMine is one of the best places you should check out.

  • Token Name: BatMine
  • Token Ticker: BATM
  • Token Protocol: ERC-20
  • Total Supply: 350,000,000 BATM
  • Token Available for Sales: 245,000,000 BATM
  • Soft Cap: 1,000,000 EUR
  • Hard Cap: 19,000,000 EUR
* Unsold Tokens Non-sold and/or non-distributed tokens will be burned Burning of Tokens Received Back in exchange for BatMine services

  • Pius Lam, Founder & CEO
  • Kyle Wong, COO
  • Theresa Tsoi, CFO
  • Richard Tang, Business Development Director
  • Zdeňka Košařová, ICO/IEO Marketing Manager
  • Michael Chan, Cybersecurity Manager
  • Olga Kuznetsova, Proposal Expert
  • Silvie Tripes, Designer

  • Jonathan Zhang, Advisor Crypto Economics
  • Tomáš Sekera, Legal Advisor
  • Dr. Antoine Martin, Advisor Public Policy
  • Yuen Wong, Advisor Token Exchange
  • Alfred Lee, Advisor Strategic Planning

For detailed BATM Team Members descriptions please check out: BatMine Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #BATM team!


  1. Conception of the idea to do an ICO. Market research into ICOs and into legal options of profit sharing with investors. Verification of Silent Partnership Framework with the Czech National Bank.

  2. Market research, concept brainstorming.

  3. Project concept formulation, Market research, Gathering information on the newest technology, Profit sharing concept, First ICO Drafts.

  4. ICO preparation, Whitepaper, Investment Agreement, Website etc.

  5. ICO finalization, preliminary contact with institutional investors.

  6. ICO/IEO Marketing and Execution.

  7. Location for the mine, Electricity connection, Purchase of the needed Equipment, all setup- and preparatory activities, installation of first miners.

  8. Miners installled and mining. First profit sharing.

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