BlockMesh Provides Cost Effective Solution to End Disparity in Communication

What Is The BlockMesh Platform?
Internet has brought positive changes on how the world communicates. It makes communication faster, more cost efficient, and people can easily choose the most efficient means of communication that suit their needs. However, it still cannot hide the fact that internet has not relinquished the real problems of global communication that is disparity.

It is a fact that the cost of internet data plan can be very expensive and not everyone can afford it. There are 7.8 billions people in the planet but only 40% have access to the internet. Furthermore, while the developed countries are currently developing 5G technology, citizens in poor countries are still struggled to even get 3G connection, which certainly can affect the way they communicate.

Those are the problems that BlockMesh wants to solve. BlockMesh is a cryptocurrency based peer to peer communication platform which allows the users to send messages for free. It can solve the problems of expensive data plan and inadequate internet connection in poor and developing countries.

An Effective Mesh Network Route
BlockMesh works on a mesh network route. Mesh network is a group of devices that can relay messages to each other until the messages are arrived at the intended recipient’s device. It means, when person 1 wants to send a message to person 2, the message will be passed first to person 3, 4 and 5 before it finally arrives in person 2’s device.

This system might raise some questions at first. Firstly, won’t it be a breach or privacy if the messages are passed to other devices first? Secondly, doesn’t it mean that there is a chance that the messages will not be received if the network breaks?

Well, BlockMesh also has a solution for those issues. When the messages are passed to other devices, it is actually just the connection of those devices that is borrowed. The content of the message itself will not be revealed and can only be read by the intended recipient. As a reward for the users that allow the system to borrow their connection to pass the messages, the users will receive Mesh Token (BMH).

Furthermore, BlockMesh has a very reliable network because it uses Shortest Path Bridging. It is an algorithm that will ensure continuous connection so the messages definitely will be delivered to the recipients.

User Friendly Application
BlockMesh provides a user friendly application for its users. The users will receive a wallet where they can store the BMH Token they earned for supporting the network. Speaking of the token, it also later can be used to purchase other BlockMesh services. Furthermore, BlockMesh also will list its token in various cryptocurrency exchanges so it can be used for trading.

BlockMesh network uses Bluetooth instead of mobile data plan to send messages without cost. However, the users also can choose to use data if they want. The application will let the users decide which one will be their primary and secondary connection and automatically adapt according to that preference. Overall, BlockMesh really can be a solution for modern communication problems and make it more accessible for everyone.

BlockMesh Team
The Core Team
  • Bjorn Dingemans, Co-founder & CTO
  • Matthew Schulz, Managing Director
  • Wesley Billet, Marketing Director
  • Christopher Underwood, Digital Analyst
  • Neil Malherbe, Head of Investment
  • Josie Eveleigh, Head of Public Relations
Advisory Board
  • Mike Weetman, Advisor (Former CFO of Yahoo and DreamWorks USA)
  • Jim Brinksma, Strategic Advisor
  • Philanthropic Advisor, (Founder/ CEO of AngelWish, Karma Geek)
  • Jason Griessel, Co-founder and Business Development Advisor
  • Charlie Shrem, Equity Partner and Growth Advisor
For detailed BMH Team Members descriptions please check out: BlockMesh Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #BMH team!


  1. The BlockMesh CEO and founder – Bjorn Dingemans – is a serial entrepreneur. Coming from South Africa, he’s seen first-hand what poverty, inequality and a lack of communication and basic internet can do to a population. With 4 years experience in the mesh networking industry, he’s well equipped to ensure his vision to change the way that the world communicates, and banks, will come to fruition. Bjorn is focused on solving both of these problems with one solution, a cost-free communications app that pays its users to use it. Meet BlockMesh.

  2. After months of research Bjorn decided to apply Mesh networking technology as a possible business venture. His aim was to provide internet solutions at cost-effective prices within areas that could support the network. This would be mutually beneficial for both users and service providers.

  3. A pilot programme was launched at Stellenbosch University in South Africa for the local residents and visiting students. Over 30 000 potential users put the network to the test.

  4. Bjorn then partnered with Bytes ( to manage the infrastructure implementation. The pilot programme provided Bjorn with valuable practical experience.

  5. Bjorn continued to look at ways for Mesh Networking to become a viable product and turned his attention to networking in Bluetooth devices.

  6. Bjorn began working with the concept of rewarding users with cryptocurrency as an incentive to grow the network with users.

  7. Bjorn researched a hybrid version of his mesh network project by introducing blockchain technology. BlockMesh was formed with Co-founder Jason Griessel and a team of enthusiasts and external partners were approached.

  8. BlockMesh realized that a cryptocurrency was only valuable if accepted in the real world and to accomplish this a team of enthusiasts and professionals would need to be assembled. The development, marketing, legal, business development, operations and advisory roles were scouted and brought on board.

  9. The team finalised the concept, launch strategy and ICO date in order to future-proof the project. Large retailers and corporates have been approached to take on our technology, thus enabling instant adoption and growth of the network. BlockMesh’s primary focus is on those that struggle with high cellular and data costs as well as the unbanked in Africa.

  10. The alpha version of the app is being developed and tested. The app will launch on Android for initial A/B testing before being rolled out into iOS before the full launch in 2018.

  11. Our ICO took place on the 28th of February and lasted until 31 March 2018. The BlockMesh alpha Chat and Wallet apps launched on the Google Play Store for Android devices as well at this time. The BlockMesh revolution begins.

  12. MeshEx Boosters patent secured and prototypes developed. BlockMesh team is invited to RISE 2018 Tech Conference in Hong Kong as a Beta Start-up and have a day to present to the thousands of attendee’s.

  13. Launch the BMH token on N.Exchange, IDEX and continue trading on HitBTC. Begin the process of investigating hardware development partners and software partners to bring our beta version of the app into app stores.

  14. Focus on growing our community, token volume and awareness as well as continuing to investigate the best partners for our hardware and software. We also aim to bring on significant partners to enable better, sustainable growth in Africa, Europe, the US and Asia.

  15. Work with our retail integration partner to assist them with this process so that we can soon reach our goal of having BMH accepted as a reward/form of payment which can be used to redeem products, goods and services.

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