Reasons to Consider Buy and Sell Your Bitcoin by Using BitcoinBlink

Bitcoin is popular and being chosen by so many people in the world today. Bitcoin is popular in the modern era. Today people try to use virtual currency or it is often called cryptocurrency. For all of you who are interested in having this cryptocurrency too, you better understand some information about bitcoin, exchange of bitcoin, we need to know where the place to exchange your bitcoin in a safe way. You should be careful in choosing the right place since you should not take risk to get the wrong place to exchange your bitcoin. When you are looking for the best place to exchange your bitcoin, you better know about Bitcoinblink.

What is BitcoinBlink?
BitcoinBlink is one of the best solutions to exchange your bitcoin. BitcoinBlink is steadfast in developing a distinguished cryptocurrency exchange that is optimized for speed, protected against external threats, and simplified for user-friendliness. It is a fast world and all people try to find something that is really valuable. They try to think about assets and they need to save more money for their future. Some people choose to be forex traders and the other people like to buy bitcoin or become a bitcoin miner.

You must know what bitcoin is. It is one of cryptocurrency and it is now being very popular because it can be exchanged to the other currencies and at the same time it can also be used to buy other assets. For all of you who have bitcoin too and you don’t know where to exchange or sell or buy bitcoin, you don’t need to worry. You just need to choose this place as the best place. There are some benefits that you will get when you choose to exchange your bitcoin in Bitcoinblink rather than in other places. You can get some benefits that you will get here.

Reasons of Choosing BitcoinBlink
Why do you need to choose BitcoinBlink for exchanging your bitcoin rather than other places? You can get some features such as:
  • Secure Storage
    For all of you who are looking for the best place to store and to exchange your bitcoin, you better choose this place because it offers you high safety. You don’t need to worry because they help you to protect all funds from users and also they protect user’s data. They use a good platform that supports a safe environment too.
  • Protection of DDOS
    You don’t need to worry because they offer you DDOS protection. They are the best company in this industry so you don’t need to worry with your fund and also your data. You can do all transactions in a very simple and safe way.
  • Very Easy to Use
    For all of you who aren't familiar with bitcoin and you don’t know how to exchange your bitcoin, you don’t need to worry. You can use an application that is easy to use, this app will make you enjoy doing all things that you want related to your bitcoin.
  • Supported with Expert Team
    For all of you who want to exchange your bitcoin or do so many things in this company, you don’t need to worry because you will be supported by an expert team too. Their expert will help you in monitoring all activities and they help you too to assist you when you really need their support. They help you to upgrade all securities systems so all users will be happy in doing all things in this company or by using their application.
  • Trading Devices
    As it is said above you can choose whether you like to trade or exchange your bitcoin in their website or you can also use the mobile app version to do all things related with your bitcoin. All things will be easy to use and you don’t need to worry because they protect your data too.
  • No Money Laundering
    You don’t need to worry because they are supported with laws and this company has a valid license too to operate all things related to bitcoin transactions. They ensure you that there is no money laundering too that will be done in this company or in the mobile app.

Use Simple Mobile App
For all of you who want to trade your bitcoin from some places and anytime you want, you can choose to install BitcoinBlink Mobile App. You can get two versions of app. You can use iOS and then install your BitcoinBlink application in your iPhone or you can also use Android smartphone because this company also offers application for android’s users. For all of you who don’t want to use a mobile app, you still can use websites to do all things related to your bitcoin. So how to get this app for you? You can get this app in very easy way. What you need to do is just access the app store in your Iphone or Android Phone. You can choose the application and start to download. After you download the application then you can start to install this application in your smartphone. What you must do next then?

You need to register yourself first when you like to do all things in this company by using this app. How to register yourself?
  1. Create an account
  2. Link your bank account
  3. Start buying and selling by using your bitcoin

You just need to simply follow the instructions and when you have already made an account, you can start to buy and sell what you want. You don’t need to worry because all transactions will be protected by insurance. BitcoinBlink Exchange is one of best companies for this bitcoin world so you can get the safest place to sell and buy your bitcoin and at the same time you can get high profit too because you choose this place to exchange your bitcoin.

You are free to consult with their expert too. They offer you various languages options such as English, French, Turkish, Spanish, Deutsch and some other languages. You can choose one that is suitable with your own language. It is time for you to change your investment, you can use bitcoin for the best choice and you can choose to exchange your bitcoin from your home only or from other places anytime you want by only using the BitcoinBlink mobile app.

  • Iseki Solari, CEO and Founder
  • Dimitar Kolchakov, CCO


  1. - BitcoinBlink Web development starts
    - Domain Acquired (auto renew 2025)
    - Server Hosting & Security established (Cloudflare & Digital Ocean)
    - Mobile Apps (iOS & Android start
    - Creation of the BSTK Token ERC-20 (Verified contract)
    - KYC Integration (Mati) on BitcoinBlink
    - Cold wallets ready!

  2. - Integration of all BSTK functions (utilities) on the platform BitcoinBlink
    - BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP & BCH integration
    - E-Residency acquired
    - Company (BBlinkio OU) Created and Registered in Estonia
    - Crypto licenses obtained after meeting with FIU
    - Experienced Compliance Officer hired!
    - Legal documents created for compliance & regulations

  3. - EUIPO registration start
    - Accounting company specialized in Blockchain hired!
    - Registration with various institutions to be compliant wordwide
    - Whitepaper & One Pager creation + Design
    - McAfee SECURE Certified + TrustedSite
    - Support Center customized (Articles, guides, chatbot, widget, email)

  4. - Credit card Purchase integrated via SIMPLEX on BitcoinBlink
    - Integration alternative login methods
    - Translate the Whitepaper
    - ICO launch + Whitepaper & One Pager release + Platform
    - Marketing!
    - International Compliance
    - EUIPO registration Completed
    - Challenge Started
    - UI/UX improvement
    - Monitoring of the platform and bug correction

  5. - Partnership with (advertisement campaign)
    - Bounty Campaign Start
    - Mobile app (iOS & Android) released
    - XLM & ATOM implementation
    - Language Integration on BitcoinBlink & Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)
    - Development of a Crypto to Crypto trading platform start
    - Development of a Crypto to Crypto Mobile trading app (iOS & Android) start

  6. - ICO end
    - Unsold token = Burn
    - Challenge ends
    - Listing of Coins & Tokens on the BitcoinBlink platform starts (after the ICO ends)
    - WIPO registration start

  7. - Creation of our blockchain network (PoS, smart contract, low fees) starts
    - Crypto to Crypto Trading Platform Launch
    - Crypto to Crypto Trading mobile apps (iOS & Android) Launch
    - Language integration (12) on the crypto to crypto platform & crypto to crypto mobile apps (iOS & Android)
    - Listing of Coins & Tokens on both platforms. (Previous coins & Token listed on BitcoinBlink automatically go on other platforms & mobile apps)

  8. - Development of a crypto-friendly payment gateway start with Credit Cards start
    - Development of the crypto-friendly payment gateway on mobile (iOS & Android) start
    - Open multi currencies bank account for
    - Credit Card Withdrawal
    - Fiat Withdrawal (SEPA Bank transfer)
    - Fiat Withdrawal (International Bank Transfer SWIFT)

  9. Integration of Product & Services payable with Cryptocurrencies & BSTK

  10. Creation of Stable Coin (fiat & other assets) with Quarterly Audit - Using our blockchain

  11. Features & Margin trading on the Crypto to Crypto platform

  12. Creation of the Crypto lending platform

  13. Adaptation of the project

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