Choose to Use NEAR Platform for Building an Open Web

What is the NEAR Platform?
Before you choose to use this NEAR Platform, it is good for us to know the detailed information about it. This platform is a computerized platform that can be used to secure and manage your high-value assets such as your money and also identity. You can put all things on the Open Web and control all things in a very easy way. Why do so many people choose to use this platform?

NEAR platform is an open-source smart contract platform built to host high-throughput decentralized applications (dApps). You can find so many platforms in this world but you must be careful in choosing one of the best platforms so you can get more profits. For all of you who are beginners in this business, you better search information about this platform first. You better know the features of this platform so you can decide whether you need this platform or you need to choose another platform.

Reasons of Choosing NEAR Platform
Some people tell you why you need to use this platform more than another platform.

  • A Great Blockchain Development Tool
    Many people recommend you use this platform because it offers the best development tool and you can connect to all websites in the world in fast time.
  • Supported with OSS Stack
    All things are supported with the best OSS Stack and you can use it in an easy way even if you are new in this business and this world.
  • Maximum Security
    This platform offers you progressive security systems that help you to sign up easily by using your email address. You can create your password to connect with your account quickly. The security system will be upgraded so your account will be protected in a maximum way.
  • Easy to Access in All Places
    For all of you who are often going from one place to another place, you don’t need to install other applications or buy tokens. You just need to use this decentralized app for free. You can do all transactions without the need to buy tokens. You don’t need to use your credit card too. What you need to do is just use this app or platform for all things that you want.

Becoming an Entrepreneur
For all of you who are not interested in being a developer of Open Web, you can also take other opportunities. You can try to become an entrepreneur. You can join some discussions and then talk about some cases and partnerships. You can also join the community to participate in all things. You can become part of the development of a better future.

Some people finally use this platform because it costs effectively for them too. You can register yourself when you are interested in using this app too. It is time for you to build the Open Web. What you need to do is just accessing NEAR site and then follow the simple steps to get your account and platform. It is time for you to get profit with the NEAR platform.

The NEAR Team
  • Alexander Skidanov, CEO & Co-Founder
  • Illia Polosukhin, CTO & Co-Founder
  • Erik Trautman, Head of Operation
  • Evgeny Kuzyakov, Senior Software Engineer
  • Damon Sicore, Vice President Of Engineering
  • Mikhail Kever, Software Engineer
  • Vlad Grichina, Software Engineer
  • Marcelo Fornet, Software Engineer
  • Dr. Maksym Zavershynskyi, Engineer
  • Bo Yao, Network Software Engineer
  • Peter DePaulo, Head of Developer Experience
  • Prateek Gupta, Head of Developer Content
  • Kendall Cole, Product Manager
  • Jake Stutzman, Design
  • Alexandra Breines, Marketing

For detailed about NEAR Protocol Team Members descriptions please check out: NEAR Protocol Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #NEAR team!

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