Achieving A Better Blockchain Technology with VELAS

Blockchain technology works to manage a lot of data, including cryptocurrencies. All platforms that support cryptocurrency are using blockchain. Those platforms need to protect and improve its blockchain performance. VELAS or Virtual Expanding Learning Autonomous System comes to optimize the blockchain platform.

How VELAS Works
The developer makes a significant improvement in VELAS. It is suitable for platforms that manage a high volume of transactions. This technology is using a particular AI or Artificial Intelligence AIDOPS (Artificial Intuition Delegated Proof of Stake). The developer applies AIDPOS to solve common problems that appear in traditional Bitcoin or cryptocurrency systems. This AI supports over 3000 transactions per second. The more transactions a network has to manage, the shorter the time blocks. VELAS also uses a neural network. This network supports the work of time block formation.

The Benefits of Using VELAS
VELAS wants to give more benefits to all users. One of the benefits is facilitating users with a safer blockchain platform. This technology will block fake messages or false transactions. At the same time, users will get trusted messages. A high level of transaction often decreases the performance of the platform. VELAS helps to keep and improve the performance, especially if the platforms have to manage a lot of transactions or during the high workload periods. As a result, users can still use their blockchain platforms comfortably no matter the condition. Indeed, this technology gives extra protection for the platforms, such as limiting the fake nodes.

Transaction Model
VELAS gives extra protection on the transactions. Because of that, the system will analyze the transactions based on some elements, such as the blockchain transaction type, the list of used transactional inputs, transaction hash, and many others. Then, VELAS will verify the transactions by validating the chain. If the actions don’t pass the verification, the system will not process it. Transactions should pass some criteria. For example, users have to make sure that a new transaction is complete, and they have to sign for the new coin.

VELAS Wallet
VELAS supports its users with some valuable features. Node Stake is one of the features that help users to stake the VLX tokens to the right nodes. It gives them a bigger chance to become block producers. Users also have a bigger opportunity to get their block rewards. VELAS also provides users with a desktop wallet. It is a virtual wallet and compatible with several operating systems, such as Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. This virtual wallet saves all transactions and coins and makes sure that users can use their virtual assets anytime they want immediately. This platform also supports users with a web wallet. Users can use this web wallet to transfer cryptocurrencies in any currency.
Block Explorer:

Name MarketLinks

  • Alex Alexandrov, Founder
  • Shirly Valge, Project Lead
  • Alexey Okhrimenko, UX Designer
  • Farhad Shagulyamov, Business Development
  • Dmitrii Okhrimenko, UI/UX Designer and Frontend developer
  • Andrey Stehno, CTO
  • Alexander von Kaldenberg, Director of Marketing (Asia)
  • Evguen Repetko, Director of Marketing (Europe)
  • Kalani Moe, Director of Marketing (USA)
  • Anastasya Romanovskaya, Project Manager
  • Sergii Pirozhnikov, Business Development
  • Robert Vasilyev, Chief of AI
  • Danylo Kondratiuk, Researcher


  1. Jul 4th 2019 - Pre Alpha Token Swap
    Jul 2019 - Private Sale
    Sep 2019
    - Block Explorer
    - Desktop and Web Wallets
    - Public Nodes Software
    Q4 2019 - Exchange Listings
    Q1 2020 - Research of A.I
    Q2 2020
    - Mobile wallet launch
    - New wallet features: decentralized cloud; multi signature capability
    - New exchange listings

  2. Q3 2020
    - Alpha AI Deployment
    - Launch of Main-net on Velas
    - Container system: launch of cross-chain TXs

  3. Q4 2020
    - Beta Decentralized AI & Full Open Source
    - Hardware Wallet

  4. Dec 2020
    - Production.
    - Full decentralization is achieved
    Q1 2021 - Fully functional system

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