Bitcoin Wallet Comparison: Blockchain vs XAPO

Each user crypto certainly requires wallet for transactions (sending and receiving) bitcoin. In deciding to choose wallet, users need to know some of the features of each of the wallet. And we all know many types of bitcoin wallet service.

At 2 years ago large retailers such as Dell and Microsoft that accept Bitcoin as a payment method.
Bitcoin payments are gaining more popularity, particularly within in the business to client world wherever security payments and protection from currency fluctuations is the biggest driver.

The speed at which Bitcoin payments in progress and cost savings compared to traditional wire transfers and PayPal transactions have placed more confidence in consumers to use Bitcoin wallet payment.
In March 2016, according Coin Telegraph: B2B Bitcoin payments also increased.

There are some Bitcoin wallet out there and how does one go about finding the right provider? After all, each provider offers their payment wallet is the most secure.

When you look under the hood of security, features such as 2-of-3 and HD multi Signature Wallet may provide insight. Other features to look out for support for multi-platform, users control the coins, reputation, online user reviews and feedback.

Comparison of vs XAPO:
Transactions is multi-signature transactions by default2-of-3 MULTI SIGNATURETransactions are signed on XAPO’s servers and not on the user’s device
Creates a wallet backup for you, that you can store securely offline and use it to restore your wallet and its funds at any point in time, even if servers are offline!HD WALLETDoes not give you an offline HD backup, so if XAPO servers go down, you will not have access your funds
Blockchain allows users to control their own bitcoinCONTROLS COINSXAPO manages the bitcoin for its users
Had many issues in the past with downtimeREPUTATIONRare problem (stable trend)

If we look at the comparison above, Blockchain has more features. And of course depends on each individual wants to use a secure service



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