Plutus Has Announced The Launch of PlutusDEX Beta

As we have seen, Plutus project has been planned from the beginning of March and Crowdsale held in June.
In the early planning Plutus Crowdsale will run for 9 days (21st of June a, ending on the 30th June) when it was beyond expectations, many investors are interested in this project. So the 850,000 token has sold out just a few hours on the first day and this is amazingly.

Not a few people who have invested are not comfortable with this situation because Plutus not immediately listed in the market.
This project does have a plan that is very long and be more careful in the development, partners and markets. For people who always follow the update, they will not be worried because the team always provide updates via blog, Slack channel and Bitcointalk forum.

Slowly but surely, today Plutus provide updates about Plutus trading platform called PlutusDEX.
PlutusDEX isn’t an ordinary exchange, since orders are sent directly to the private wallet address you choose, there is no need to store or escrow any digital currencies on the platform itself. This means that Plutus operates entirely without holding any digital assets.

Initially will launch an NFC tag (sticker) as well as a physical debit card at the beginning of 2017 to give users access to spend pluton as soon as possible from our side. Guests will PlutusDEX trade in live before the release of the first product, this means more liquidity for the conversion will be available from the first day of launch. It has become a public demand for a long time, and wait for NFC access gives us the opportunity to integrate this from the beginning.

New Feature Summary:
  • NFC Stickers (Released prior to the application itself)
  • Debit cards (released prior to the application itself)
  • Native support iOS

PlutusDEX Beta is Now Open for Registrations
This asy steps to make trades in PlutusDex:
  1. Verify your account using standard KYC procedures
  2. Transfer money to a secure escrow bank account
  3. Create buy order(s) on the PlutusDEX for BTC, ETH, or PLU

Plutus are integrating automatic KYC as well as other features to streamline this process. Currently you will be Able to create a trading account, as well as your complete account verification. This will Ensure that you will be Among the first to trade when matching order goes online.



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