Faster Wallet Sync Using Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a database file to verify the block in a wallet, which was in sync by someone before.
In other words, this is one way to speed sync in the wallet

By using the bootstrap file you will only need less time than normal sync wallet.
Here I just want to try a little to help people who have concerns about it.

You also requesting bootstrap for another coin, I'll make it if have more time.

How to install a Bootstrap file
  • Backup your wallet, save the wallet.dat file to safest place
  • Download Bootstrap file
  • Find your WalletName folder in your users AppData directory. The AppData folder is hidden on most operating systems, so make sure you can view hidden files
    - Windows this is usually c:\Users\"username"\AppData\Roaming\WalletName
    - OSX this is usually ~
    \Library\Application Support\WalletName
    - Linux this is usually ~\.WalletName
  • Delete folder of WalletName
  • After the download is complete, Extract Bootstrap file to Roaming
  • Copy wallet.dat to folder WalletName
  • And let's open your wallet
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  1. Great!
    Thanks has been create a Bootstrap file :)