Augmentors : 3D Reality Game Supported by Bitcoin Blockchain

Augmented Reality game is on the rise right now and many are currently in development right now. One of them is Augmentors. Augmentors is a 3D fighting Augmented Reality game that will bring the creatures to the real life. This is not an ordinary fighting game where the creatures are trapped inside the smartphone’s screen. Augmentors will let the players to see their creatures fighting right in front of them.

Players can choose between single and multiplayer modes. If single-player mode is chosen, the players will be taken into a very interesting storyline, how the story goes will fully depend on what the players choose and which side they take. But no matter which mode is chosen, there is one ultimate goal of this game, which is to be the Destined Creature Tamer that possesses the best creatures in the game.

How the player can survive will depend on how strong the creature is. This is why choosing and buying the creature is an essential part of the game. This is where things get interesting. Players need to buy the creatures with the in-game currency called "DataBits" ( DTB ). Databits currency can be obtained if the players participate in the game’s crowdfunding and be the game’s backer. There are many advantages that will be provided to the game’s backers. Not only they will get discounted Databits price, the player also will have access to purchase plenty of rare creatures that are only available via crowdfunding. At launch, 50 characters will be available and 25 of them are reserved for the game’s backers.

Everybody familiars with cryptocurrency environment know that purchasing or investing in Altcoins is more risky. To ensure the players that their Databits money belongs only to them, Augmentors is backed by Bitcoin Blockchain which can be accessed publicly. Furthermore, since the number of creatures available for every character is limited, Bitcoin Blockchain will make sure that the number of creatures stays in its respective limit. It will give more edges for very-rare-creature owners and give them advantages over other players.

Just like every other cryptocoins, players can freely trade their Databits. They can use it to buy more powerful relics or creatures, they can sell it to other players and they can also trade their Databits to Bitcoin. AugmentorsGame will start with a supply of 100,000,000 DTB, of which 70% will be distributed to investors during the ICO, the 15% will be split and used to create awareness and promotion, the remaining 15% tokens will be distributed among Augmentors team members. 1 Bitcoin worth 15,000 Databits.

Many people highly anticipated this game and crowdfunding is still opened periodically. Augmentorss will be officially launched once it raised enough funds of 45.2 Bitcoins

Crowdsale of Augmentors
AugmentorsGame team has plans to launch the Crowdsale / Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on January 30, 2017 until February 28, 2017!

Crowdfund Timeline: 30 Days
Total token supply: 100,000,000 DTB
Total ICO Supply: 70,000,000 DTB
Crowdfund Objective: $1,000,000

DTB tokens will be available in a ratio of 15000 DTB : 1BTC and drop by 1000 every 5 days.

Augmentors ICO is Live, don't missed to be part of AugmentorsGame!
More detail about Augmentors ICO, please check and subscribed on Bitcointalk.

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