Humaniq : The Crypto Finance to Help Unbanked Population

The Etherum based the start up set with the ambitious goals. They want to connect one billion peoples to joint the economic global that using of cryptocurrencies ad the smart contracts. This new service will give rewarding the joining users with their tokens and able to exchange with the virtual currency through the major bank system. The most essential components from this distributed platform is the transaction settlement that will operate in the BlockChain’s Ethereum used the standard token or use the ERC20 contact. The new token will be emitted for each confirmed users and the emit rules would been controlled by the emission smart contract.

The World Bank had estimated that there are 1,5 billion people in around the world who do not have the official government ID. This issue makes the peoples get several issues while open up the traditional bank account. The Humaniq proposes to solve this issue with use of bio identification to create their personal identities inside the BlockChain.

The current World Bank study found that there are more then 50% of adults in the poorest countries do not have the bank account. The less of financial inclusion is the main obstacle to reduce the global poverty. This is relatively untapped market which banks had been trying entering, but the less consistency in reliable identification that brings the barrier to offer service.

The key point from Humaniq is using mobile for bitcoin wallet. This is able to identify the users then the system will use the facial detection and biometric of vocal to recognize the algorithms as the new accounts were made. The identification will need the usage from lowest price Smartphone that Humaniq had guarantee.

The ultimate aim from Humaniq is bringing one billion peoples that rip off from the financial service in the digital economy. To realise this project, the new service from crypto wallet will give rewarding for every new users with the special tokens.
The company stated that
The unbanked user will create the account, after they able to perform several tasks then give rewarding to them with the tokens, which able to be exchange with the third party from their local currencies. They are able to use these local currencies to make the online purchase as they want
The Humaniq plans in releasing their mobile applications prototype on May 2017 then the full product launched scheduled on July 2017. The Humaniq team also derived from the BlockChain from all around the world, including of Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Ghana, South Africa, etc.
Crowdsale of Humaniq
Before the release of the application, the Humaniq project has announced it will do Crowdsale advance ie on 6th - 27 April 2017. You will be able to participate using Ethereum( ETH ).

Crowdfund Timeline: 40 Days
Crowdfund Objective: $1,000,000 USD

The following bonuses will be available during the ICO stage:

Team of Humaniq
- Alex Fork, Head of Board Member
- Richard Kastelein, Director at Blockchain Partners, Publisher at Blockchain News
- Alakanani Itireleng, Director в Satoshicentre
- Ross Lloyd, Past veteran of many Australian Government Ministerial briefings
- Tawanda Kembo, BitFinance
- Chernoh Saeed Sow, Bitcoin Network-SLBNet
- Philip Agyei Asare, Dream Bitcoin Foundation
- Itumeleng Isaac Lejone, Bitcoin Community
- Mogopodi Phiri, Africrypto
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out:
or Join Telegram to communicate with #HMQ team!

Official Link
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- Feb 12, 2017: Announced Youtube channel!
- Mar 16, 2017 : Humaniq launches alpha version of mobile app
- Mar 17, 2017 : Humaniq launches app. New office in London



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