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Nowadays, the necessities of life will continually increase as the time runs. Moreover, the development of technology has helped people ease their life. Every problem can be faced with the easiest way by utilizing the best technology. Such as online based technologies, beside having an ability to connect people in different places, it also eases people to overcome the problem electronically.

An online website, Blockpool comes to ease people get the solutions with a blockchain based system. It provides some fields of consultation such as arts & media, finance, technology, brands, music, and sport applications. Here, this website also gives business plan which has global scale. Moreover, it provides the efficiency and the security for transfer and transaction. In addition, the cost saving can also be obtained if you utilize this website.

What does this website give?
On this website, you can join the Token Exchange Campaign in this website. Now, Blockpool is going to produce 25 million of the coins in the initial offering. If you join this campaign, you can donate your cryptocurrency on the exchange page. In addition, the price will be decided when the Token Exchange Campaign is closed. Here, you can get the best outcome if you donate much tokens.

Is it safe?
Yes, of course it is safe. In Blockpool, there is a method which will secure your digital token. Moreover, it does not need the central authority when you are doing the process of transactions. Because, the PoS system which has evolved to be Delegated Proof Of Stake (DPoS), comes to decrease the cost and the useless electricity use. This system is really useful for the medium business which really wants to grow bigger. In addition, the infinite improvements which are provided by the Blockpool system, affecting the business operation and communication.

What are the benefit things?
If your official account is already submitted and approved by the Blockpool, you will gain revenue from this program. You will gain 5% of the net profit of this website. The currency will be converted to the BPL and shared to your wallet once a year. Moreover, with the professional people in this website, the market demand which is sometimes complex, can be easily handled by them.

What makes bloockpool different?
From the particular reason, provides innovative solutions for the multiple verticals. It is also proven by good track record. The people who will manage and help you, are experienced and trusted. The outcome which is offered by Blockpool, will definitely give you satisfaction result. In addition, the employees in this website has cooperated with well known companies such as Apple, Nike, MTV, and Media Arts Lab.

Blockpool Team
  • Kenneth I Foster, Founder & Acting CEO
  • Kevin Bacon, Chief Business Development Office
  • Tom Kerswill, Chief Technical Officer & Lead Developer
  • David Blundell, Chief Operating Officer
  • Tom Hares, Advisor
  • Brandon Cook, Chief Information Officer
  • Raj, Blockchain Lead
  • Dave Smith, Advisor - Brand
  • Stefan Hagendorn, Blockchain & DPoS Advisor
  • J. Stone, Blockchain Advisor
  • The ARK Team, Advisors
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Roadmap of Blockpool

  1. - Blockchain R&D
    - Music Release POC
    - Smart Contract POC

  2. Pegging & DPOS R&D

  3. Blockpool Formed

  4. - Market Research
    - B2B Consultation Contract
    - Pre-TEC

  5. TEC Launch

  6. TEC Donation Period

  7. - Escrow Funds
    - Test Net Commences
    - Coin Distribution

  8. - Release of Funds
    - Live Net Commences

  9. - B2B Contract
    - Delivery Commences

  10. 1st Revenue Share Distributed to Wallet Holders

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