GetBounty : Decentralized TOKEN on Ethereum Blockchain

What is GetBounty?
GetBounty is a new site that is quite interesting for those who hunt tokens (bounty). This site claims to have 3,141,592 XBTY tokens that are ready to be distributed to those who want to campaign through social media. Basically, this site invites you (who knows and wants to get some tokens) to do a campaign about XBTY in your social media. More campaign means more tokens, something like that (though it's not that easy). The XBTY offered by this site is the ERC20 Standard Token that is compatible with all Etherum Wallet.

Token owned can be used for gaming, certificate, and some payments via the internet. This site will share the tokens it has for free (actually not because we have to campaign to get it). You can get this site through article review, social media campaign, advertise, or anything else that can support the development of the site. The token that you will be certainly in line with the quantity campaign you do.
GetBounty will start with a supply of 3,141,592 XBTY, will be allocation and distribution:

What is campaign? Campaigns are promotional activities to others who aim to introduce getbounty. Social media is the most effective media campaign to introduce this site to others. Like it or not, what you display will be seen by your friends. Some friends who do not understand about tokens or digital money will ignore your writing, but some will continue your campaign. The problem that often arises is when users do massive campaign using a fake social media account. This kind of fraud is very often encountered together with the ease we buy a lot of social media accounts. This kind of cheating will actually only harm users because this kind of fake account activity will be easily recognizable by Google which will then block the fake account. Getbounty will not bear any risk or harm to the "back campaign" of the user.

Token Information

For those of you who are interested in getting tokens from GetBounty, you should find clear information about how to work and how much you will get from the campaign that you will do. Is it worth? For those of you who are already familiar with digital currency, this site may be a very interesting site, but how interesting? Of course it depends on the point of view of each person. This site is an incredible attraction for those who use the internet to collect digital currencies but is less attractive to those who are looking for real money from working through the internet.

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