SONM : Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining

Have you ever wondered whether or not your PoS are actually dangerous to your own mining equipment? Have you ever felt confused about the infamous difficulty bomb? Or, maybe at a loss as to what you have to do when the bitcoin reward for your block decreases again? A beginner or not, you most likely have encountered at least one of the aforementioned issues. While majority of us are probably aware of the fact that when any of the issues mentioned above arises, it is most likely because we are unaware that at the time we could have reduced our in-time bounty for either transaction serving, or threats which may result in equipment banning and algorithm to PoS changing. How do we completely get rid of these issues, or at least minimize our stakes while at the same time optimizing the benefits we may get?

While I cannot speak for everyone, the best solution I have ever come across when it comes to any of these issues is, without a doubt, SONM. As an abbreviated term of Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining, SONM is a supercomputer with decentralized network which can be used for a wide range of purposes.

Uses-cases Purposes of SONM Project
  • Scientific projects
    As a supercomputer, SONM can be used for a larger number of scientific projects which requires astounding power for it to run effectively such as climate predictions, meteor-trajectory modelling, calculations for aerodynamic, and many more.
  • Site-hosting purposes
    Its incredible Cocaine open-source PaaS technology is used for virtual machine implementation and its integrated decentralized data storage and IPFS are used as its layer – making it a secure alternative for website owners and business owners to collect payment in its networks.
  • Game servers
    SONM technology offers solution for deploying game servers in the network. Makes it easy for gamers to instantly exchange game currency with the SONM token's.
  • Neural networks projects
    SONM provides cost-efficient and effective solution for neural networks implementation. In the future SONM computing resources can be used for the management of currently developing computer-neuronal interfaces by uniting them into one network.
  • Rendering video and CGI
    Rendering CGI video tasks can be distributed over the SONM network between large number of computing devices and can be processed very quickly (in a matter of minutes).

There are many more general purposes which can be run effortlessly in SONM, however let’s get back to the matter at hand: the benefits for Bitcoin miners, as I’m sure you’ve been waiting for. Check out the following benefits:
  • SONM doesn’t use a cloud, instead they cleverly use “fog” as it’s called. Which means we as clients do not need to pay for monopolized or private cloud.
  • SONM is a decentralized network, which supports TOP or proxy to ensure anonymity and privacy.
  • SONM offers token ecosystem which can be exchanged for your business’ computing power.

The best of all? The fact that SONM is absolutely easy to set up and also manage. With its knack for finding the best equipment, SONM ensures your computational tasking ability with zero need for setup.

Not only massive, supercomputers work incredibly fast in a distinctive way. As opposed to using serial processing such as those of ordinary home computers, supercomputers use parallel processing – this makes it not only possible for them to do multiple different tasks all at once, but also shortens the entire processing time. However, as incredible as it may seem, if you are like me, someone who has no access to supercomputers whatsoever, this option may just be another dream. Not an alternative that is accessible and available for use.
  • Sergey Ponomarev, Founder, creator of SONM multi-agent and blockchain technologies
  • Andrey Voronkov, Founder, CEO of DrugDiscovery@home project
  • Anton Tiurin, Lead P2P and PaaS technology developer. One of the Cocaine platform creators
  • Max Taldykin, Smart contracts and SONM DAO developer
  • Sergei Sergienko, SONM adviser, CEO
  • Nicolas Titov, Junior smart contracts developer
  • Roman Sivakov, Development and Dev-ops architector
  • Michail Ivanov, Dev-ops/System architector
  • Anastasiya Ashaeva, Machine learning and AI development
  • Oxana Lorie, Graphic designer
  • Alexey Antonov, Marketing & financial adviser
  • Vasiliy Ivanov, ICO and crypto community adviser

For detailed about Team Members descriptions please check out: or Join Slack to communicate with #SNM team!

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